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December Newsletter

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Pharmacy Interns - PIN Request

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Non-Renewed Pharmacists as of November 4, 2016

Please see the list of pharmacists that have not renewed their Missouri pharmacist license as of November 4, 2016, and are not authorized to practice pharmacy in Missouri. Visit the Board's website for current licensing/renewal information. This list is provided pursuant to ยง 324.014, RSMo.


SB 579 (Telemedicine)
SB 865 (Consolidation of Refills)
SB 875 (Biosimilars)
HB 1568 (Naloxone)
Board Implementation Guidance


Find additional patient & pharmacist resources on the new naloxone legislation that will be effective on August 28, 2016.

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Sterile Compounding Rule Resources

The Board has filed an interim emergency rule to revise the Board's sterile compounding rule, 20 CSR 2220-2.200. The emergency rule became effective on August 4, 2016. The Board will be conducting an educational campaign to assist pharmacies in the implementation of the revisions. This campaign will include guidance documents, webinars, and the inspection process. Please refer to the links below for more information.

Emergency Rule
Implementation Guide
"An Update on Sterile Compounding Regulations" Webinar
Webinar Handouts
"Garbing and Cleaning" Webinar
Webinar Handouts
Aseptic Technique Skill Assessment & Media Fills Webinar
Webinar Handouts

Pharmacists Change Your Address or Employment

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Missouri Pharmacy Diversion Conference hosted by the Board & BNDD

"BNDD" by Michael R. Boeger
"The Pharmacist's Role in the RX Drug Crisis" by William T. Winsley
"Drug Diversion from Within the Pharmacy" by Board inspectors.

Non-Resident Sterile Compounding Survey

Click Here. Requested documents must be mailed to the Board office.

New Pharmacy Compliance Resources

Inspection Checklist
Inspection Document Request Form
Inspection Records Locator Form

New Resources For Interns/New Pharmacist Graduates

Missouri Intern Brochure (STLCoP & UMKC Students)
Missouri Intern Brochure (Non-Missouri Students)
New-Graduate Pharmacist Licensing FAQ

Report Pharmacist Disciplinary Actions

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Have a patient safety suggestion?

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Board President Patient Safety Message

Learn how you can increase patient safety with the following resources.

BeSafeRx: Beware Of Fake Online Pharmacies!

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there are thousands of fake online pharmacies on the internet selling counterfeit, expired, contaminated or unsafe drugs! Protect yourself and your patients from fake online pharmacies. Click here to learn more or visit the FDA's new "BeSafeRx" campaign website. The site features more information on:

  • The risks of buying from fake online pharmacies
  • How to identify a safe, legal online pharmacy
  • Tools and resources for health care professionals.

Before buying medicine online, check to make sure you are using a safe, legal online pharmacy!

HB600 Suspension List

License Suspension Due To Tax Compliance Law324.010, RSMO All persons applying for or renewing licenses with the Division of Professional Registration are required to have paid all state income taxes, and to have filed all necessary state income tax returns for the preceding three years. Click here for a list of individuals suspended due to tax compliance issues.

Veterans - learn about reimbursement for your licensing examination fees.

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