File a Complaint

What Kind of Complaints Can Be Investigated By The Board?
The Board can only investigate complaints that allege a violation of the Missouri Pharmacy Practice Act. You may file a complaint if you think a violation has been committed by a Missouri licensed pharmacist, pharmacy intern, pharmacy technician, drug distributor or pharmacy. You may also file a complaint if you believe someone is practicing or operating without a license. The Board does not have jurisdiction over hospitals, physicians, insurance companies, pharmacy benefit managers or Medicaid/Medicare.

Who Can File A Complaint?
A complaint can be filed by anyone with knowledge of the alleged violation. Complaints must be in writing and signed by the person filing the complaint. Your complaint should also include:

  • Your current contact information;
  • The name of the licensee/registrant involved;
  • A detailed summary of the alleged incident(s);
  • The date of the alleged incident and the patient/consumer involved;
  • The medication involved, including the name of the dispensing pharmacy and/or pharmacist;
  • Any documentation which supports your allegations, and;
  • A list of witnesses to the incident(s) and contact information for each.

Is My Information Confidential?
To properly investigate your complaint, the Board may need to share information with other individuals, including, the subject of the complaint. The Board cannot guarantee that your identity will remain confidential.

What Happens After I File A Complaint?

  1. The office will review your complaint to determine if the Board has jurisdiction. We will contact you if we do not have jurisdiction and may refer your complaint to the appropriate agency.
  2. If the Board has jurisdiction, the complaint will be forwarded to an inspector for investigation/inquiry. On average, investigations are completed within ninety (90) days. This time period may vary depending on the nature of the complaint.
  3. An investigation report will be forwarded to the Board after the investigation is finished. The Board meets approximately seven (7) times a year.
  4. You will be notified in writing once the Board makes a final decision.

When Will I Be Notified Of The Board's Decision?
The investigation and review process takes an average of six (6) months to complete. Once again, this time period may vary depending on the length of the investigation and the type of complaint. If the Board votes to take disciplinary action against a licensee/registrant, you may not be notified until a public disciplinary case has been filed.

Will I Get A Copy of the Investigation Report?
Under Missouri law, investigation reports are closed records and are not disclosed to the public. However, you will be notified once a final decision has been made.

What Kind of Action May Be Taken By The Board?
The Board may take no further action and close a complaint if there is insufficient evidence of a violation of the Pharmacy Practice Act. This does not mean the Board agrees with or approves of the conduct alleged. However, the Board's jurisdiction is limited to violations of the Pharmacy Practice Act.

If a violation is established, the Board may:

  • Issue an administrative Letter of Concern or Letter of Warning. Administrative letters are maintained as part of the licensee's permanent file.
  • Pursue disciplinary or other legal action. You will be notified once a public case/action has been filed.
  • The Board cannot pursue monetary compensation or resolve billing disputes. The Board also cannot provide legal advice.

How Can I File A Complaint?
Complaint forms are available online at You can also request a complaint form by calling (573) 751-0091. Completed complaint forms should be mailed to:
Missouri Board of Pharmacy
3605 Missouri Boulevard
Post Office Box 625
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102.
Complaint forms can also be faxed to (573) 526-3464.


Contact the Board office at (573) 751-0091 or e-mail: