MO Radiology Info

All owners/operators of x-ray equipment used in the state of Missouri are subject to routine registration and periodic survey of that equipment by state rule 19 CSR 20-10.030, administered by the Missouri Radiation Control Program (MRCP) under the Department of Health & Senior Services. In lieu of future MRCP onsite inspections, x-ray equipment owners/operators are responsible for demonstrating compliance with applicable radiation safety standards through the use of a Qualified Expert (QE) in Radiation Safety, both upon initial installation of x-ray equipment and periodically thereafter. For more information or to obtain a list of Qualified Experts, please see the MRCP website below.

Each year MRCP identifies a number of veterinarians already in practice and using x-ray equipment that have not been properly registered. In many cases these individuals indicate that they were not aware of the requirement, or have acquired used x-ray equipment that was not reported to us. This is a reminder to veterinarians that possess x-ray equipment to make sure they are registered with the MRCP. The registration must be renewed every two (2) years. There is no fee for registration.

For more information, contact the MRCP directly via e-mail at or by phone at 573-751-6083, or please see the MRCP website: