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Renewal FAQ's

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HB1719 passed this last legislative session and the bill includes language requiring all health care professionals to complete two hours of suicide prevention training as a condition of the initial licensure and subsequent renewals. The bill has been signed by the Governor and will go into effect on August 28, 2018. Starting September 30, 2018, the State Committee for Social Workers will require evidence of this training to be included with the initial application for licensure and, beginning with the 2019 renewal period, necessary for license renewal.

Amended Rules Effective March 30, 2018:

20 CSR 2263-2.050 Application for Licensure as a Social Worker
PURPOSE: This amendment establishes a one (1)-year time period to complete the licensure process. Section (5) is deleted as those requirements are covered in 20 CSR 2263-2.085.

20 CSR 2263-2.051 Reexamination
PURPOSE: This rule establishes an end date for initial applications for license.

20 CSR 2263-2.060 Licensure by Reciprocity
PURPOSE: This amendment changes the requirements for licensure by reciprocity.

20 CSR 2263-2.082 Continuing Education.
PURPOSE: This amendment changes continuing education credit and record retention requirements.

20 CRS 2263-2.085 Restoration of License.
PURPOSE: This amendment clarifies the process to restore a license.

20 CSR 2263-3.040 Client Relationships.
PURPOSE: This amendment removes the requirement for a supervisor to co-sign all clinical records of an applicant.

Social Workers Rules and Statutes


Opioid antagonist, sale and dispensing of by pharmacists, possession of — administration of, contacting emergency personnel — immunity from liability, when. — 1. As used in this section, the following terms shall mean: Click here.

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