Meeting Information

To obtain a copy of Open Session minutes for a particular meeting, please submit a written request to the Committee/Board.

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2018-06-07-08PDF File3948 kb5/23/2018
2018-04-27PDF File242 kb4/24/2018
2018-03-15PDF File2153 kb3/16/2018
2017-12-14PDF File4436 kb12/4/2017
2017-10-02PDF File425 kb9/28/2017
2017-09-21PDF File398 kb9/11/2017
2017-07-12PDF File270 kb7/11/2017
2017-06-08-09PDF File13627 kb6/6/2017
2017-04-10PDF File264 kb3/21/2017
2017-03-16PDF File480 kb3/7/2017
2016-12-15PDF File538 kb12/6/2016
2016-09-22PDF File2653 kb9/15/2016
2016-06-27PDF File285 kb6/21/2016
2016-06-02-03PDF File583 kb5/12/2016
2016-03-24PDF File58 kb2/22/2016
2015-12-17PDF File38 kb12/10/2015
2015-09-24PDF File38 kb9/16/2015
2015-06-11-12PDF File39 kb5/28/2015
2014-12-18PDF File28 kb12/10/2014
2014-09-18PDF File1466 kb9/4/2014
2014-06-20PDF File4112 kb6/13/2014
2014-06-19PDF File1972 kb6/12/2014
2014-04-01PDF File474 kb3/17/2014
2014-03-31PDF File22 kb3/26/2014
2013-12-12PDF File723 kb11/26/2013
2013-10-24PDF File76 kb10/21/2013
2013-09-05PDF File3429 kb8/29/2013
2013-06-13PDF File24 kb6/10/2013
2013-03-22PDF File243 kb3/12/2013
2012-12-14PDF File1937 kb12/6/2012
2012-09-20PDF File17 kb9/18/2012
2012-09-07PDF File2241 kb8/27/2012
2012-07-19PDF File1277 kb7/16/2012
2012-06-22 sub_committeePDF File17 kb6/18/2012
2012-06-07PDF File5081 kb5/22/2012
2012-03-19PDF File17 kb3/16/2012
2012-03-06PDF File1338 kb2/22/2012
2011-12-06PDF File1942 kb11/23/2011
2011-10-14PDF File17 kb10/13/2011
2011-10-07PDF File17 kb9/21/2011
2011-09-06PDF File1612 kb8/24/2011
2011-08-22 sub_committeePDF File18 kb8/23/2011
2011-07-18PDF File18 kb7/13/2011
2011-06-23PDF File16 kb6/9/2011
2011-06-02PDF File25 kb6/1/2011
2011-03-29PDF File23 kb5/19/2011
2011-01-06 sub_committeePDF File18 kb12/29/2010
2010-12-07PDF File23 kb11/22/2010
2010-10-19PDF File24 kb10/5/2010
2010-07-23PDF File21 kb7/19/2010
2010-06-28PDF File23 kb6/9/2010
2010-06-04PDF File38 kb6/9/2010
2010-06-03PDF File33 kb6/2/2010
2010-03-16PDF File15 kb3/11/2010
2010-03-02PDF File22 kb2/16/2010
2009-12-18PDF File15 kb12/16/2009
2009-12-11PDF File16 kb12/8/2009
2009-12-01PDF File22 kb11/12/2009
2009-09-25PDF File22 kb9/8/2009
2009-09-08PDF File15 kb9/3/2009
2009-09-01PDF File34 kb8/31/2009
2009-06-04PDF File39 kb5/18/2009
2009-03-06PDF File20 kb3/5/2009
2009-03-03PDF File29 kb2/27/2009
2009-01-15APDF File70 kb1/14/2009
2009-01-15PDF File29 kb1/15/2009
2008-12-02PDF File28 kb11/19/2008
2008-09-09PDF File29 kb8/25/2008
2008-06-26PDF File33 kb6/2/2008
2008-03-25PDF File29 kb3/13/2008
2008-02-26PDF File20 kb2/11/2008
2008-02-11PDF File20 kb2/11/2008
2008-01-08PDF File30 kb12/21/2007
2007-11-20PDF File13 kb11/14/2007
2007-09-20PDF File20 kb9/18/2007
2007-09-11PDF File22 kb8/27/2007
2007-08-13PDF File13 kb8/7/2007
2007-08-08PDF File13 kb8/7/2007
2007-07-11PDF File14 kb7/9/2007
2007-05-17PDF File14 kb6/4/2007
2007-03-09PDF File14 kb6/4/2007
2007-03-06PDF File34 kb6/4/2007
2006-12-05PDF File40 kb11/20/2006
2006-09-26PDF File55 kb6/5/2007
2006-09-01PDF File40 kb6/5/2007
2006-06-09PDF File52 kb5/19/2006
2006-06-08PDF File23 kb5/19/2006
2006-03-14PDF File65 kb2/23/2006
2005-12-06PDF File107 kb11/29/2005
2005-10-11PDF File65 kb9/21/2005
2005-08-09PDF File62 kb7/21/2005
2005-06-27PDF File53 kb6/24/2005
2005-06-07PDF File52 kb5/12/2005
2005-04-19PDF File23 kb2/10/2005
2005-03-18PDF File25 kb3/15/2005
2005-03-14PDF File26 kb3/10/2005
2005-02-08PDF File42 kb2/2/2005
2004-12-14PDF File42 kb12/1/2004
2004-10-25PDF File43 kb10/13/2004
2004-08-24PDF File34 kb8/5/2004
2004-06-29PDF File26 kb6/28/2004
2004-06-17PDF File34 kb6/8/2004