The following fees are established by the Division of Professional Registration and are payable in the form of a cashier's check, personal check or money order, to the State Committee for Social Workers

Fee Reduction
Effective Date April 30, 2010

Application for Initial License fee
October - January; two year license$60.00
February - May; one & one half year license$45.00
June - September; one year license$30.00
Registration of Supervision; one time fee$25.00
Renewal Fee; two year license$65.00
Delinquent Fee for Failure to Renew Timely$58.00
Restoration of Lapsed License Fee$117.00
Inactive Status Fee$25.00
Reciprocity Application Fee$60.00
Wall-Hanging Replacement Fee$5.00
Insufficient Funds Check Charge Fee$25.00