Disciplinary Actions

The persons listed below have been disciplined by the State Committee for Social Workers. Click on the individual's name to pull up a copy of the disciplinary order. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Committee office at 573-751-0885.

HB600 Disciplines

Discipline/Other Actions That Became Effective In Current Year

Disciplinary and other actions taken by the board since January 1 of the current calendar year.

Blustein, Susan
Caumartin, Tracyne
McConnell, Audra
Randle, William
Reitz, Jennifer
Richardson, Alicia
Seitz, Rebecca

Discipline/Other Actions - Archive

NameFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
Abernathy Clarence - 10-03-2009PDF File473 kb4/20/2012
Ali Abdullah - 12-19-2013PDF File221 kb12/19/2013
Apollo Cheryl - 11-03-2009PDF File135 kb4/20/2012
Armstrong Michael - 07-01-2014PDF File255 kb7/8/2014
Bailey Barbara - 06-15-2012PDF File232 kb6/20/2012
Barton Albert - 12-23-2013PDF File858 kb1/2/2014
Bell-Wisdom Gloria - 03-18-2005PDF File129 kb4/20/2012
Benz, MerrittPDF File1932 kb5/6/2021
Bourland Robin - 05-06-2016PDF File239 kb5/6/2016
Boyland Dana - 11-19-2010PDF File474 kb4/20/2012
Bracken Nicholas - 04-19-2017PDF File816 kb4/19/2017
Bracken Nicholas 2 - 04-16-2018PDF File507 kb5/3/2018
Branham Paul - 12-24-2009PDF File597 kb4/20/2012
Breeding Teresa - 11-07-2005PDF File814 kb4/20/2012
Bugh Lauren - 07-05-2017PDF File1297 kb7/28/2017
Campa Karen - 01-16-2008PDF File504 kb4/20/2012
Carpenter John (2) - 11-03-2015PDF File664 kb5/6/2016
Carpenter John - 09-28-2001PDF File776 kb4/20/2012
Carter Toni - 03-16-2005PDF File656 kb4/20/2012
Casey Adrienne - 04-21-2017PDF File765 kb4/24/2017
Caumartin Tracyne (2) - 12-19-2013PDF File464 kb12/19/2013
Caumartin Tracyne - 11-20-2012PDF File1080 kb11/26/2012
Cooper Feryle - 07-14-2000PDF File301 kb4/20/2012
Crocker Caroline - 11-18-2006PDF File913 kb4/20/2012
Daniels Henry - 02-02-2006PDF File187 kb4/20/2012
Deevers Sandra (2) - 03-15-2006PDF File157 kb4/20/2012
Deevers Sandra - 05-02-2005PDF File515 kb4/20/2012
Deleste Stacy - 11-03-2009PDF File497 kb4/20/2012
Dettleff Rachel - 01-29-2015PDF File788 kb2/9/2016
Dettling-Holderle, Lynn - 01-04-2016PDF File535 kb2/9/2016
Difilippo, Christopher - 04-17-2020PDF File1483 kb5/13/2020
Dillon-LeDuc Kelli - 08-24-2019PDF File626 kb8/28/2019
Domsch Laurie - 12-23-2019PDF File235 kb12/23/2019
Edwards, TannerPDF File1381 kb6/10/2022
Ellison Jacklyn (2) - 01-09-2013PDF File359 kb1/10/2013
Ellison Jacklyn - 08-12-2010PDF File578 kb4/20/2012
Elmore Maxine - 11-24-2009PDF File490 kb4/20/2012
Eschen James - 11-04-2006PDF File577 kb4/20/2012
Evans Robert - 05-22-2017PDF File780 kb5/22/2017
Friend Melissa - 03-20-2020PDF File225 kb3/20/2020
Fuller Beatrice - 12-03-2005PDF File356 kb4/20/2012
Gagliardi Amy - 01-21-2010PDF File410 kb4/20/2012
Gale Paul - 03-06-2013PDF File837 kb3/6/2013
Glover Laura - 04-02-2010PDF File318 kb4/20/2012
Hall, Kimberly - 05-23-2017PDF File897 kb5/23/2017
Hapka-Tracy Joan - 08-13-2012PDF File736 kb8/20/2012
Hartley Sara - 01-23-2014PDF File668 kb1/24/2014
Haymon Steven - 09-24-2012PDF File195 kb9/28/2012
Helin Erika - 04-21-2015PDF File448 kb4/6/2015
Helling David (2) - 07-05-2017PDF File374 kb7/3/2017
Helling David - 10-06-2015PDF File262 kb10/7/2015
Helton Tausha - 02-26-2016PDF File749 kb2/29/2016
Helton Tausha 2 - 04-03-2019PDF File597 kb4/15/2019
Hill Debra - 07-05-2017PDF File230 kb7/5/2017
Jones Tritobia (2) 02-07-2017PDF File567 kb2/7/2017
Jones Tritobia - 07-02-2008PDF File269 kb4/20/2012
Klein Mary - 06-18-2003PDF File131 kb4/20/2012
Kozminski Linda - 06-20-2019PDF File296 kb7/3/2019
Langstraat Susan - 09-14-2004PDF File787 kb4/20/2012
Lavington Dorothy - 04-14-2011PDF File123 kb4/20/2012
Linebarger Robert (2) - 09-07-2016PDF File514 kb10/26/2016
Linebarger Robert - 01-31-2014PDF File897 kb1/21/2014
Lipson David (1) - 01-11-2016PDF File717 kb1/11/2016
Lipson David (2) - 07-05-2017PDF File380 kb7/5/2017
Lipson David (3) - 06-21-2018PDF File266 kb6/21/2018
Magueja Cherie - 06-11-2009PDF File607 kb4/20/2012
Mahtani Andrew - 04-16-2015PDF File646 kb12/3/2015
Mangan Tricia - 12-15-2009PDF File491 kb4/20/2012
Marcou Elefteria - 12-07-2012PDF File467 kb12/27/2012
Marvin Barbara - 09-26-2011PDF File626 kb11/5/2012
Mary Osborne - 02-18-2016PDF File298 kb2/3/2016
McDaniel Sara - 05-25-2007PDF File343 kb4/20/2012
McKenzie Montana - 03-05-2015PDF File646 kb3/5/2015
Merbaum Marta - 09-02-2009PDF File587 kb4/20/2012
Miller Sheila - 06-13-2005PDF File790 kb4/20/2012
Minor Leatrice - 12-23-2019PDF File482 kb12/23/2019
Moore Sharon - 05-02-2019PDF File2963 kb5/20/2019
Morgan William - 11-05-2015PDF File1083 kb12/3/2015
Mueller Linda - 09-08-2003PDF File481 kb4/20/2012
Naeger Sandra - 08-14-2018PDF File496 kb7/30/2018
Neely Laura - 02-06-2019PDF File1091 kb2/6/2019
Osborne Mary - 02-03-2016PDF File292 kb5/17/2018
Owings Charles - 12-14-2011PDF File642 kb4/20/2012
Partin Julie - 07-27-2015PDF File211 kb7/29/2015
Partin Julie - Revocation - 12-28-2018PDF File229 kb12/28/2018
Pickel Evelyn - 08-24-2009PDF File479 kb4/20/2012
Pierce Paula (Craft) - 10-27-2000PDF File579 kb4/20/2012
Pollio David - 02-02-2012PDF File182 kb4/20/2012
Rambo-Faulkner, TinaPDF File1931 kb3/19/2021
Rice Michael (2) - 05-02-2005PDF File667 kb4/20/2012
Rice Michael - 05-16-2003PDF File658 kb4/20/2012
Riggs, SallyPDF File1564 kb9/2/2021
Roberts George - 11-04-2002PDF File653 kb4/20/2012
Rosenbloom Amiel - 04-02-2009PDF File730 kb4/20/2012
Salmons Darlene - 08-14-2014PDF File689 kb9/2/2014
Scarborough, ChasityPDF File1019 kb1/10/2023
Schauer Stacey (2) - 09-13-2016PDF File1102 kb9/20/2016
Schauer Stacey - 04-02-2013PDF File853 kb1/9/2015
Schilling (Smith) Theresa (2) - 07-01-2014PDF File229 kb7/8/2014
Schilling (Smith) Theresa - 01-11-2013PDF File698 kb1/15/2013
Schneider Catherine - 11-01-2018PDF File2119 kb11/15/2018
Schneider Richard - 08-18-2008PDF File759 kb4/20/2012
Sherman Mark - 01-18-2001PDF File563 kb4/20/2012
Shinell Marva - 03-19-2009PDF File551 kb4/20/2012
Sloan Debra - 02-18-2009PDF File459 kb4/20/2012
Sloan-Bell Mary - 11-24-2009PDF File141 kb4/20/2012
Smith Theresa - 10-22-2010PDF File573 kb4/20/2012
Spencer Frederick - 07-14-2000PDF File168 kb4/20/2012
Spilton Stephanie - 05-11-2012PDF File893 kb5/18/2012
Stanscheit Connie - 03-23-2013PDF File827 kb3/8/2013
Stribling Barbara - 01-22-2011PDF File588 kb4/20/2012
Taylor Adrienne - 01-14-2008PDF File381 kb4/20/2012
Toulmin Bruce - 06-23-2010PDF File409 kb4/20/2012
Tracy Della - 04-13-2009PDF File377 kb4/20/2012
Tynes Katherine - 08-30-2013PDF File571 kb9/9/2013
Underwood Mary - 04-26-2016PDF File707 kb9/29/2016
Walker-Shepherd Heather - 03-15-2018PDF File782 kb3/20/2018
Walker-Shepherd Heather - 12-28-2018PDF File279 kb12/28/2018
Weaver, Sherman - 01-01-2016PDF File679 kb1/5/2016
Weaver, Sherman 2 - 08-17-2016PDF File371 kb11/7/2016
Webster Wendy (2) - 06-21-2018PDF File268 kb6/21/2018
Webster Wendy - 04-17-2015PDF File904 kb4/2/2015
Welch Richard - 02-13-2015PDF File573 kb1/29/2015
Wilson Eleanor (2) - 11-13-2017PDF File497 kb11/14/2017
Wilson Eleanor - 08-17-2016PDF File789 kb9/14/2016
Wilson Shannon - 05-25-2007PDF File324 kb4/20/2012
Wollard Sharon - 08-15-2008PDF File513 kb4/20/2012
Woodworth-Haught Leigh - 07-02-2008PDF File270 kb4/20/2012
Wullenweber, KristinePDF File3533 kb11/15/2021
Young Brett - 11-02-2012PDF File955 kb10/19/2012
Zuch Diane - 03-22-2004PDF File521 kb4/20/2012