Disciplinary Actions

The persons listed below have been disciplined by the State Committee for Social Workers. Click on the individual's name to pull up a copy of the disciplinary order. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Committee office at 573-751-0885.

HB600 Disciplines

Abernathy Clarence
Ali Abdullah
Apollo Cheryl
Armstrong Michael
Bailey Barbara
Barton Albert
Bell-Wisdom Gloria
Bourland Robin
Boyland Dana
Bracken Nicholas 2
Bracken Nicholas
Branham Paul
Breeding Teresa
Bugh Lauren
Campa Karen
Carpenter John (2)
Carpenter John
Carter Toni
Casey Adrienne
Caumartin Tracyne (2)
Caumartin Tracyne
Cooper Feryle
Crocker Caroline
Daniels Henry
Deevers Sandra (2)
Deevers Sandra
Deleste Stacy
Dettleff Rachel
Dettling-Holderle, Lynn
Dillon-LeDuc Kelli
Domsch Laurie
Ellison Jacklyn (2)
Ellison Jacklyn
Elmore Maxine
Eschen James
Evans, Robert
Fuller Beatrice
Gagliardi Amy
Gale Paul
Glover Laura
Hall, Kimberly
Hapka-Tracy Joan
Hartley Sara
Haymon Steven
Helin Erika
Helling David (2)
Helling David
Helton Tausha 2
Helton Tausha
Hill Debra
Jones Tritobia 2
Jones Tritobia
Klein Mary
Kozminski Linda
Langstraat Susan
Lavington Dorothy
Linebarger Robert 2
Linebarger Robert
Lipson, David 2
Lipson, David 3
Lipson, David
Magueja Cherie
Mahtani, Andrew
Mangan Tricia
Marcou Elefteria
Marvin Barbara
Mary Osborne
McDaniel Sara
McKenzie Montana
Merbaum Marta
Miller Sheila
Minor Leatrice
Moore Sharon
Morgan, William
Mueller Linda
Naeger Sandra
Neely Laura
Osborne Mary
Owings Charles
Partin Julie - Revocation
Partin Julie
Pickel Evelyn
Pierce Paula (Craft)
Pollio David
Rice Michael (2)
Rice Michael
Roberts George
Rosenbloom Amiel
Salmons Darlene
Schauer Stacey (2)
Schauer Stacey
Schilling (Smith) Theresa (2)
Schilling (Smith) Theresa
Schneider Catherine
Schneider Richard
Sherman Mark
Shinell Marva
Sloan Debra
Sloan-Bell Mary
Smith Theresa
Spencer Frederick
Spilton Stephanie
Stanscheit Connie
Stribling Barbara
Taylor Adrienne
Toulmin Bruce
Tracy Della
Tynes Katherine
Underwood Mary
Walker-Shepherd Heather - Revocation
Walker-Shepherd Heather
Weaver, Sherman 2
Weaver, Sherman
Webster Wendy 2
Webster Wendy
Welch Richard
Wilson Eleanor (2)
Wilson Eleanor
Wilson Shannon
Wollard Sharon
Woodworth-Haught Leigh
Young Brett
Zuch Diane