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Institute for Psychological Advancement, LLC
PO Box 481372
Kansas City , MO, 64148

Courses Offered by Provider

Course Title Course Type Hours Method of Delivery
Cognitive Therapy for Suicide G 3 Unknown
Counseling Clients with Chronic Illness/Pain G 2.5 Unknown
Counseling Transgender and Gender Nonbinary Clients G 1.5 Unknown
Culturally-Informed Assessment G 1.5 Unknown
DBT for Substance Abuse G 1 Unknown
Diagnosing Personality Disorders G 1.5 Unknown
Diagnosing Substance-Related Disorders G 1.5 Unknown
DSM-5 Assessments G 1.5 Unknown
DSM-5 Review: Changes & Overview G 1.5 Unknown
DSM-5-TR Review of Changes G 1 Unknown
Effective Treatment Planning G 1.5 Unknown
Essential Ethics G 3.5 Unknown
Evidence-Based Suicide Assessment G 1.25 Unknown
Managing Suicide Risk in Tele-Health G 3 Unknown
Motivational Interviewing G 1.25 Unknown
Telehealth Basics G 1.5 Unknown
Trauma Assessment and Stabilization G 1.5 Unknown
Trauma-Informed Care Basics G 1.5 Unknown
Treating Shame with Suicidal Clients G 1 Unknown
Understanding & Treating Borderline Personality Disorder G 2.5 Unknown
Understanding Shame G 1 Unknown
Validation with Suicidal Clients G 1.25 Unknown
Virtual Exhaustion, Burnout and Self-Care G 1 Unknown
Working with Suicidal Clients Using Motivational Interviewing G 2.5 Unknown