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Rose Brooks Center
Po Box 320599
Kansas City , MO, 641320599

Courses Offered by Provider

Course Title Course Type Hours Method of Delivery
Assessing and Responding to Intimate Partner Violence in the Healthcare Setting General 3 Unknown
Beyond Pets: Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals General 1.5 Unknown
Breaking the Cycle: Animal Abuse and Human Violence General 2 Unknown
From 911 to Court: The Path of a Criminal Domestic Violence Case General 2 Unknown
Health and Domestic Violence General 2 Unknown
In Her Shoes General 3 Unknown
Intimate Partner Human Trafficking General 3 Unknown
Intimate Partner Violence: Importance of Trauma Informed Screening in the Healthcare Setting General 3 Unknown
Making Services Accessible To Immigrant and Refugee Intimate Partner Violence Victim - Survivor General 4 Unknown
Nature and Dynamics of Domestic Violence General 6 Unknown
Reproductive Coercion General 3 Unknown
Reproductive Coercion Assessment and Response General 1 Unknown
Strangulation: The Unreported Trauma General 2 Unknown
Trauma Work and Its Impact on You General 4 Unknown