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MO-Association of Family and Concilliatory Courts
3115 S Grand Blvd
St. Louis , MO, 63118

Courses Offered by Provider

Course Title Course Type Hours Method of Delivery
ABCs of Parenting Coordination General 1.5 Unknown
Attorneys and Therapists in Cooperation and Conflict in the Service of Families General 1.5 Unknown
Bringing the Voice of a Child into Court: Tools and Techniques for Interviewing Children and Teens General 5.25 Unknown
Collaborative Practice - An Interdisciplinary Alernative to Traditional Divorce General 1.5 Unknown
Coping during COVID: Addiction and Compassion Fatigue General 2.75 Webinar, live and interac
Ethics-HIPAA (and the Rolling Stones): Or You Can't Always Get What You Want, But If You Try Sometime General 1.5 Unknown
Family Court and Transgender/Gender-Expansive Children General 3.5 Unknown
Getting the Most Out of Short Mediations: Two hour Court Mandated Medication General 1.5 Webinar, live and interac
Intimate Partner Violence: Screening, Process Choice, and Effective Parenting Plans General 3.5 Traditional
Legal Substances in Family Court: Marijuana and Prescription Drugs General 1.5 Unknown
Managing High Conflict Personalities General 1.5 Unknown
Mediating the Touch Topics: Guns General 1.5 Traditional
MO-AFCC General 1.5 Unknown
Reducing Anxiety and Family Conflict through Structure General 5 Unknown
Relocation conundrums research and mediation questioning General 1.5 Unknown
Resist & Refuse Dynamics in Custody General 3 Unknown
Trauma Responsive Tools for Family Law Professionals General 1.5 Unknown
What's that Extra "C" in AFCC-Using Conciliation in your Cases General 1.5 Unknown
Whose Records Are They - And What Are the Ethics? General 1.5 Unknown
Working with Children's Division to Assist Children and Families General Unknown