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SUBJECT: Rule amendment regarding acceptable supervisors

Effective November 29, 2022 state regulation 20 CSR 2263-2.031 has been amended to state:

A licensed supervisor shall have no more than six (6) persons obtaining post-degree supervised experience for licensure under their supervision at any one time. Any supervisor wishing to petition the committee for additional supervisees may do so by submitting a written request to the committee explaining the reason for providing supervision to more than six (6) individuals.

Any supervisor who has been approved to provide supervision to more than 6 individuals prior to November 29, 2022 may continue to provide supervision to those individuals, however, will not be able to register any new supervisee unless you provide a written request as noted above. The request will be reviewed by the committee and you will receive notice of their decision in writing.

If you have any questions you may contact the office at 573-751-0885 or via email at

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Veterans' Services and Benefits

Fresh Start Act: Pre-licensure Criminal History Determination

Under section 324.012.7, RSMo, individuals can request a pre-licensure determination of their criminal record under the Fresh Start Act.

Licensure Process

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New Rule Amendments Effective 8/30/2022

20 CSR 2263-2.030: Provision added that gives the committee discretion to deny supervision hours not completed in compliance with the regulations.

20 CSR 2263-2.050: Requires the two (2) hour suicide assessment, referral, treatment, and management training be taken within the prior two (2) years of submitting the application.

New Rule Amendments Effective 9/30/2021

20 CSR 2263-2.031- No longer requires supervisors to complete 3 hours of continuing education in supervision for renewal purposes.
20 CSR 2263-2.050- Adds language regarding setting for the master and clinical exams prior to graduation.
The amended rules can be viewed at:

Continuing Education Rule, 20 CSR 2263-2.082

The State Committee for Social Workers wishes to share with you the most recent version of the continuing education rule, 20 CSR 2263-2.082.
The rule can be found at
Please note that the requirement relating to the 3 hours related to diversity, inclusion, etc. will be required starting with renewal in 2022. This is not required for the 2021 renewal period.
If you have any questions you may contact the office at 573-751-0885 or via email at


On February 5, 2021 the State Committee for Social Workers received notification that their exam exception request for LMSWs, LBSWs and LCSWs has been approved. Therefore, candidates for the LBSW exam and the LMSW exam can take the exam 60 days prior to graduation. In order for this to occur the candidate needs to request a letter from a designated official at the CSWE accredited university indicating that the individual is on track to graduate in addition to submitting the application for licensure, fee and the required documentation.

Candidates for the LCSW exam can set for the exam once they have completed 2,250 hours and 18 months of supervision. In order for this to occur candidates will need to ensure their supervisor(s) have submitted an email stating the individual has completed at least 2250 hours and 18 months and is on track to finish supervision, in addition to submitting the application for licensure, fee and the required documentation.

Providing Care to Military-Connected Missourians

The Missouri Department of Mental Health has created a web-based interactive map to connect community behavioral health services to service members, veterans and their families. If a licensee would like to be listed on the map, please complete the electronic enrollment form at the following link: Please address questions to DMH Veterans Services at

Telehealth Notice

The State of Missouri social worker statutes require an individual to be licensed clinically if providing clinical services in the state. If the client is in Missouri at the time the services are provided, the professional must be licensed here.

2024 and 2025 Renewal Cycle Information

The State Committee for Social Workers voted that for the above renewal period(s), the 15-hour limit of correspondence courses have been waived. All licensees will still be required to do the required hours of continuing professional education, but these hours can be any combination of live programs, webinars and correspondence courses and other approved methods. Other hourly limits for credits for publications, etc. remain in place. Do not forget that you are now required to complete 2 hours in suicide, 3 hours in ethics, and 3 hours related to diversity, inclusion, etc.

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The Committee is interested in your opinion. Please click on the link below and take a few moments to complete a brief survey. Your email address will not be recorded or stored. Thank you for your participation.

Renewal FAQ's

To view frequently asked questions regarding licensure renewal click here.

SB 843 Fee Waiver Statement:

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