Discipline and Other Licensure Actions

Board for Respiratory Care

Disciplinary and Other Licensure Actions taken by the Board since September 2012.

Disciplinary Actions
Disciplinary Revocations

Contact the Missouri Board for Respiratory Care at (573) 522-5864 in order to determine if a licensee has received any other discipline in the State of Missouri.

DateFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
Alvin LoweryPDF File167 kb12/5/2013
Angela IveyPDF File460 kb12/23/2015
Angela McCartyPDF File170 kb6/3/2014
Benjamin LaPierrePDF File654 kb1/24/2022
Brad YazellPDF File2691 kb3/28/2013
Brian ManningPDF File523 kb1/8/2013
Bridgett PointsPDF File697 kb11/1/2016
Brittney JefferyPDF File687 kb6/22/2016
Carlen DunhamPDF File499 kb4/2/2018
Charles JohnsonPDF File627 kb2/28/2017
Crystal BerryPDF File912 kb4/11/2019
Cynthia EverettPDF File843 kb3/8/2013
Darby AshPDF File2653 kb2/27/2013
Darrell SmithPDF File865 kb2/3/2023
David HughesPDF File484 kb5/28/2013
David Wofford (2013) Document 2PDF File347 kb12/5/2013
David Wofford (2013)PDF File2694 kb4/4/2013
Dewanda Lewis-BeyPDF File1127 kb4/2/2018
Diane OpdahlPDF File186 kb9/11/2012
Donna CheneyPDF File327 kb9/11/2012
Donna HardinPDF File2646 kb4/4/2013
Erin MorrisPDF File166 kb12/5/2013
George HamptonPDF File2689 kb3/28/2013
James SauerweinPDF File177 kb12/21/2012
Jamie PflugradtPDF File753 kb9/27/2019
Jeffrey RichardsPDF File2739 kb1/31/2013
Jill MidkiffPDF File452 kb2/22/2013
Joseph BittoPDF File1254 kb2/28/2017
Julie ArbersPDF File1287 kb4/2/2018
Justin MyersPDF File869 kb4/2/2018
Karam DaoudPDF File316 kb9/9/2013
Kelly PashiaPDF File725 kb4/2/2018
Kelly TalleyPDF File679 kb2/22/2013
Kenneth HawkinsPDF File1108 kb4/2/2018
Lacy MisenhelterPDF File717 kb4/2/2018
Levi CampbellPDF File1296 kb8/23/2022
Lya AveryPDF File862 kb3/28/2023
Malinda FouchePDF File904 kb4/3/2017
Megan AshbyPDF File1089 kb4/2/2018
Melanie BrownePDF File404 kb1/2/2013
Melissa Steingrubey (2013)PDF File2746 kb3/1/2013
Melissa Steingrubey (2015)PDF File347 kb4/1/2015
Melvon ThomasPDF File1679 kb3/21/2014
Michael BoydPDF File204 kb9/11/2012
Michael HillPDF File1903 kb3/10/2015
Michael WilliamsPDF File755 kb10/25/2013
Mysty GreenPDF File2671 kb3/20/2013
Nancy HinkebeinPDF File797 kb1/27/2014
Shalana BoonePDF File403 kb5/15/2015
Sharla FreemanPDF File460 kb11/10/2015
Shelia ZurawskiPDF File899 kb4/2/2018
Sheri AtkinPDF File572 kb9/27/2019
Stefon KingPDF File2683 kb4/4/2013
Stephanie BecerraPDF File729 kb4/19/2023
Steven FisherPDF File175 kb9/18/2014
Susan LandersPDF File418 kb2/25/2014
Susan McMastersPDF File302 kb12/23/2015
Tamika JohnsonPDF File497 kb12/23/2015
Tracie Pollard (2014)PDF File1674 kb3/21/2014
Tracie Pollard (2015)PDF File299 kb12/7/2015
William LybargerPDF File467 kb2/5/2015
William SibertPDF File790 kb4/2/2018
WorleyPDF File924 kb7/19/2016
WorleyPDF File924 kb7/19/2016
WorleyPDF File924 kb7/19/2016
WorleyPDF File924 kb7/19/2016
WorleyPDF File924 kb7/19/2016
WorleyPDF File924 kb7/19/2016