Coronavirus Updates

The Board is monitoring state and national developments on COVID-19. Licensees should monitor the Board's website for important updates:

MBRC COVID-19 Waiver Approvals

On March 18, 2020, Governor Parson signed Executive Order 20-14, which authorizes executive agencies to waive or suspend regulations or statutes, with approval from the Governor's Office that interfere with the state's response to the spread of COVID-19. This allows agencies to request a waiver or suspension of regulations in an expedited process to help provide immediate health and safety relief. A complete list of rules that have been temporarily suspended can be found at

At this time the Missouri Board for Respiratory Care has received waiver approvals for 20 CSR 2255-2.040 License Renewal and 20 CSR 2255- 4.010 Continuing Education Requirements. In light of the approvals, licensees that hold a valid license, which is set to expire on July 31, 2020, will not be required to have completed the required twenty-four hours of approved continuing education as a condition of license renewal.

If you have questions please contact the board via email at