Meeting Information

2024 Meeting Schedule - 1st Wednesday-Jefferson City

February 7, 2024
April 3, 2024
June 5, 2024
August 7, 2024
October 2, 2024
December 4, 2024

2023 Meeting Schedule - 1st Wednesday

February 1 Jefferson City
April 6 (Thursday) Jefferson City
June 7 Jefferson City
August 2 Jefferson City
October 4 Jefferson City
December 6 Jefferson City

Typical Commission meetings start promptly at 8:00 a.m. Meeting dates and sites are subject to change. Call the Commission's office for the most current times and sites at (573) 751-2628.

The meetings are open to the public except where specifically closed in accordance with the provisions of Sections 610.021 and 324.001,RSMo.

Notification of special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act should be forwarded to the Missouri Real Estate Commission, 3605 Missouri Boulevard, Post Office Box 1339, Jefferson City, MO 65102, or by calling (573) 751-2628 in order to insure availability of accommodations. The text telephone number for the hearing impaired is 800-735-2966.

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2024-04-03PDF File118 kb3/21/2024
2024-02-07PDF File119 kb1/26/2024
2023-12-06PDF File115 kb11/29/2023
2023-12-06 Open MinutesPDF File821 kb2/16/2024
2023-10-04PDF File227 kb9/25/2023
2023-10-04 Open MinutesPDF File890 kb1/26/2024
2023-08-02PDF File113 kb7/20/2023
2023-08-02 Open MinutesPDF File550 kb10/17/2023
2023-06-07PDF File190 kb5/25/2023
2023-06-07 Open MinutesPDF File877 kb8/21/2023
2023-04-06PDF File216 kb3/24/2023
2023-04-06 Open MinutesPDF File97 kb6/29/2023
2023-02-01 Open MinutesPDF File588 kb4/17/2023
2023-02-01 amendedPDF File118 kb1/24/2023
2022-12-07PDF File115 kb11/29/2022
2022-12-07 Open MinutesPDF File644 kb2/21/2023
2022-10-05PDF File218 kb9/28/2022
2022-10-05 Open MinutesPDF File714 kb1/11/2023
2022-08-03PDF File114 kb7/25/2022
2022-08-03 Open MinutesPDF File1003 kb10/17/2022
2022-06-01PDF File113 kb5/19/2022
2022-06-01 Open MinutesPDF File812 kb8/17/2022
2022-04-06PDF File116 kb3/25/2022
2022-04-06 Open MinutesPDF File947 kb6/3/2022
2022-02-02 - updatedPDF File531 kb1/31/2022
2022-02-02 - Open MinutesPDF File1062 kb4/11/2022
2022-01-05PDF File85 kb12/30/2021
2022-01-05 - Open MinutesPDF File356 kb2/7/2022
2021-12-01PDF File322 kb11/19/2021
2021-12-01 - Open MinutesPDF File1209 kb2/7/2022
2021-10-06PDF File789 kb9/24/2021
2021-10-06 - Open MinutesPDF File1167 kb12/17/2021
2021-08-04PDF File88 kb7/22/2021
2021-08-04 - Open MinutesPDF File1050 kb10/8/2021
2021-06-14 - Open MinutesPDF File187 kb10/8/2021
2021-06-02PDF File85 kb5/19/2021
2021-06-02 - Open MinutesPDF File987 kb8/6/2021
2021-04-07PDF File88 kb3/24/2021
2021-04-07 - Open MinutesPDF File895 kb6/8/2021
2021-02-03PDF File89 kb1/25/2021
2021-02-03 - Open MinutesPDF File998 kb4/14/2021
2020-12-2PDF File86 kb11/24/2020
2020-12-02 - Open MinutesPDF File670 kb2/5/2021
2020-10-07PDF File87 kb10/1/2020
2020-10-07 - Open MinutesPDF File242 kb12/22/2020
2020-08-05PDF File87 kb7/28/2020
2020-08-05 - Open MinutesPDF File264 kb10/9/2020
2020-06-29PDF File62 kb6/26/2020
2020-06-29 - Open MinutesPDF File53 kb10/6/2020
2020-06-03PDF File95 kb5/26/2020
2020-06-03 - Open MinutesPDF File174 kb10/6/2020
2020-04-01PDF File156 kb3/30/2020
2020-04-01 - Open MinutesPDF File127 kb6/12/2020
2020-03-18 PDF File71 kb3/18/2020
2020-02-05PDF File88 kb1/23/2020
2020-02-05 - Open MinutesPDF File208 kb4/1/2020
2019-12-04PDF File87 kb11/21/2019
2019-12-04 Open MinutesPDF File225 kb2/6/2020
2019-10-17PDF File69 kb10/16/2019
2019-10-17 Open MinutesPDF File65 kb12/6/2019
2019-10-02PDF File73 kb9/19/2019
2019-10-02 Open MinutesPDF File254 kb12/6/2019
2019-08-07PDF File74 kb7/22/2019
2019-08-07 Open MinutesPDF File196 kb10/3/2019
2019-06-05PDF File72 kb5/22/2019
2019-06-05 Open MinutesPDF File210 kb8/12/2019
2019-04-03PDF File71 kb3/22/2019
2019-04-03 Open MinutesPDF File212 kb6/6/2019
2019-02-06PDF File72 kb1/24/2019
2019-02-06 Open MinutesPDF File251 kb4/5/2019
2018-2-7 Open MinutesPDF File197 kb4/16/2018
2018-2-23 Open MinutesPDF File1122 kb4/16/2018
2018-12-05PDF File73 kb11/21/2018
2018-12-05 Open MinutesPDF File285 kb6/6/2019
2018-10-10PDF File71 kb10/3/2018
2018-10-10 Open MinutesPDF File238 kb12/19/2018
2018-08-01PDF File10 kb7/24/2018
2018-08-01 Open MinutesPDF File123 kb10/17/2018
2018-06-06PDF File11 kb5/25/2018
2018-06-06 Open MinutesPDF File222 kb8/2/2018
2018-04-04PDF File10 kb3/22/2018
2018-04-04 Open MinutesPDF File173 kb6/8/2018
2018-02-23PDF File10 kb2/16/2018
2018-02-07PDF File11 kb1/26/2018
2018, 05-09 Open MinutesPDF File55 kb6/8/2018
2017-12-06PDF File12 kb11/21/2017
2017-12-06 Open MinutesPDF File253 kb2/16/2018
2017-12-05 Open MinutesPDF File86 kb2/16/2018
2017-10-11PDF File10 kb9/27/2017
2017-10-11 Open MinutesPDF File284 kb12/7/2017
2017-08-09PDF File11 kb7/28/2017
2017-08-09 Open MinutesPDF File227 kb10/19/2017
2017-06-07PDF File10 kb6/7/2017
2017-06-07 Open MinutesPDF File185 kb8/10/2017
2017-04-05PDF File10 kb3/23/2017
2017-04-05 Open MinutesPDF File697 kb6/9/2017
2017-02-01PDF File11 kb1/19/2017
2017-02-01 Open MinutesPDF File235 kb4/10/2017
2016-12-14PDF File11 kb12/1/2016
2016-12-14 Open MinutesPDF File196 kb2/23/2017
2016-10-12PDF File10 kb10/3/2016
2016-10-12 Open MinutesPDF File206 kb12/19/2016
2016-08-03PDF File11 kb7/21/2016
2016-08-03 Open MinutesPDF File182 kb10/18/2016
2016-06-08PDF File11 kb5/26/2016
2016-06-08 Open MinutesPDF File264 kb8/4/2016
2016-04-13PDF File10 kb3/31/2016
2016-04-13 Open MinutesPDF File199 kb6/15/2016
2016-02-10PDF File13 kb1/28/2016
2016-02-10 Open MinutesPDF File180 kb4/25/2016
2016-02-04PDF File12 kb2/1/2016
2016-02-04 Open MinutesPDF File45 kb2/23/2016
2016-01-29PDF File12 kb1/25/2016
2016-01-29 Open MinutesPDF File47 kb2/23/2016
2015-12-03PDF File13 kb3/9/2016
2015-12-03 Open MinutesPDF File182 kb2/23/2016
2015-10-07PDF File14 kb9/24/2015
2015-10-07 Open MinutesPDF File573 kb1/14/2016
2015-08-05PDF File13 kb7/22/2015
2015-08-05 Open MinutesPDF File450 kb1/14/2016
2015-06-03PDF File14 kb5/20/2015
2015-06-03 Open MinutesPDF File265 kb8/11/2015
2015-04-01PDF File17 kb3/26/2015
2015-04-01 Open MinutesPDF File213 kb7/22/2015
2015-02-11PDF File14 kb1/28/2015
2015-02-11 Open MinutesPDF File185 kb4/14/2015
2014-12-14 Open MinutesPDF File195 kb2/7/2017
2014-12-03PDF File18 kb11/20/2014
2014-12-03 Open MinutesPDF File167 kb3/5/2015
2014-10-31PDF File62 kb10/30/2014
2014-10-27PDF File12 kb10/23/2014
2014-10-27 Open MinutesPDF File44 kb1/26/2015
2014-10-01PDF File13 kb9/17/2014
2014-10-01 Open MinutesPDF File150 kb1/26/2015
2014-10-01 - UpdatedPDF File13 kb9/25/2014
2014-08-06PDF File13 kb7/24/2014
2014-08-06 Open MinutesPDF File151 kb1/26/2015
2014-06-11PDF File14 kb5/28/2014
2014-06-11 Open MinutesPDF File218 kb1/26/2015
2014-04-02PDF File15 kb3/20/2014
2014-04-02 Open MinutesPDF File320 kb1/26/2015
2014-02-11PDF File14 kb2/3/2014
2014-02-11 Open MinutesPDF File100 kb1/26/2015
2014-02-05PDF File15 kb1/22/2014
2014-02-05 - CancelledPDF File27 kb2/3/2014
2013-12-04PDF File14 kb11/20/2013
2013-12-04 Open MinutesPDF File168 kb1/26/2015
2013-10-02PDF File15 kb9/18/2013
2013-10-02 Open MinutesPDF File175 kb1/26/2015
2013-08-07PDF File14 kb8/29/2013
2013-08-07 Open MinutesPDF File139 kb1/26/2015
2013-06-05PDF File9 kb5/24/2013
2013-06-05 Open MinutesPDF File218 kb1/26/2015
2013-04-03PDF File9 kb3/20/2013
2013-04-03 Open MinutesPDF File171 kb1/26/2015
2013-02-06PDF File9 kb1/23/2013
2013-02-06 Open MinutesPDF File206 kb1/26/2015
2012-12-12PDF File8 kb11/20/2012
2012-10-10PDF File9 kb9/25/2012
2012-08-08PDF File9 kb7/26/2012
2012-06-13PDF File9 kb5/30/2012
2012-04-18PDF File10 kb4/16/2012
2012-02-15PDF File11 kb2/7/2012
2011-12-14PDF File9 kb11/28/2011
2011-10-12PDF File9 kb9/27/2011
2011-08-11PDF File14 kb7/27/2011
2011-06-08PDF File9 kb5/26/2011
2011-04-13PDF File14 kb4/1/2011
2011-02-09PDF File11 kb1/27/2011
2010-12-08PDF File9 kb11/24/2010
2010-10-13PDF File15 kb10/6/2010
2010-08-11PDF File10 kb7/29/2010
2010-06-09PDF File10 kb5/26/2010
2010-04-14PDF File12 kb4/1/2010
2010-02-10PDF File12 kb1/27/2010
2009-12-09PDF File10 kb11/20/2009
2009-10-14PDF File11 kb10/2/2009
2009-08-12PDF File11 kb7/30/2009
2009-06-10PDF File11 kb5/29/2009
2009-04-08PDF File13 kb3/31/2009
2009-02-11PDF File11 kb2/3/2009
2008-12-10PDF File11 kb12/8/2008
2008-10-08PDF File71 kb9/26/2008
2008-08-13PDF File71 kb8/6/2008
2008-06-09PDF File209 kb5/28/2008
2008-04-09PDF File71 kb4/2/2008
2008-02-13PDF File73 kb2/5/2008
2007-12-12PDF File71 kb12/10/2007
2007-10-10PDF File71 kb10/2/2007
2007-08-08PDF File71 kb8/6/2007
2007-06-13PDF File70 kb6/6/2007
2007-04-04PDF File74 kb3/27/2007
2007-02-14PDF File74 kb2/5/2007
2006-12-13PDF File71 kb12/5/2006
2006-10-11PDF File70 kb10/5/2006
2006-08-09PDF File143 kb8/8/2006
2006-06-21PDF File71 kb6/14/2006
2006-04-12PDF File73 kb4/5/2006
2006-02-08PDF File71 kb2/2/2006
2005-12-13PDF File74 kb12/7/2005
2005-11-09PDF File65 kb11/1/2005
2005-10-11PDF File71 kb10/5/2005
2005-08-09PDF File75 kb8/3/2005
2005-06-07PDF File72 kb6/3/2005
2005-04-13PDF File72 kb4/5/2005
2005-02-19PDF File67 kb2/18/2005
2005-02-08PDF File74 kb2/1/2005
2004-12-01PDF File72 kb11/29/2004
2004-10-07PDF File72 kb9/28/2004
2004-08-10PDF File57 kb8/3/2004
2004-06-23PDF File57 kb6/17/2004
2004-05-05PDF File11 kb4/29/2004
2004-03-17PDF File12 kb3/9/2004