Missouri Approved Continuing Education Courses - SCHOOL DETAIL


Heart of Missouri School of Real Estate
2877 E. Benson
Sturgeon , MO, 68284
Website: https://missourirealestateschool.com
email: aaron@aaronbsells.com

Courses Offered by School

Course Title Course Type Hours Method of Delivery
Advocating for Short Sale Clients E 3 Internet
Assistance Animals and Fair Housing C 3 Internet
Breaking Barriers: Fair Housing C 3 Internet
Current Issues: Cooperation, Negotiation, iBuyers and Disaster Preparedness E 3 Internet
Did you Serve? Identifying Homebuying Advantages for Veterans E 3 Internet
Document Excellence for Smoother Transactions E 3 Internet
Ethics at Work C 3 Internet
First-Time Homebuyers E 3 Internet
Hot Topics in Real Estate E 3 Internet
Managing Risk in Your Real Estate Business E 3 Internet
Personal Safety E 3 Internet
Representation Options in the State of Missouri C 3 Internet
Residential Property Management Essentials E 3 Internet
Second Home Ownership: Trends, Options and Opportunities E 3 Internet
Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges E 3 Internet
Serving the Unique Needs of the Senior Market E 3 Internet
Sex and Real Estate: Sexual Harassment, Discrimination & Fair Housing E 3 Internet
Taxes and Real Estate: What you Need to Know E 3 Internet
Technology Tools, Trends and Risk Management E 3 Internet
Working with Real Estate Investors: Understanding Investor Strategies E 3 Internet