Missouri Approved Continuing Education Courses - SCHOOL DETAIL


Real Estate School of the Ozarks LLC
3433 S Campbell Ave Suite M
Springfield , MO, 65807
Website: www.resozarks.com
email: katieanthonyres@gmail.com

Courses Offered by School

Course Title Course Type Hours Method of Delivery
Contracts - Agency & License Law C 3 Classroom
Laws-Legal Landmines & Everyday Wisdom E 3 Classroom
Real Estate News and Reviews MoJo Style E 3 Classroom
Rights, Duties & Responsibilities: A Short Course on Agency-License Law & Fair Housing C 3 Classroom
The Latest Real Estate News & Reviews MoJo Style E 3 Classroom
The Many Sheriffs in Town...Laws, Legal Issues & Risk Reduction E 3 Classroom