Missouri Approved Continuing Education Courses - SCHOOL DETAIL


ReeceNichols Training
11601 Granada
Leawood , KS, 66211
Website: www.training.reecenichols.com
email: Natalie.King@reecenichols.com

Courses Offered by School

Course Title Course Type Hours Method of Delivery
A Short Course on Fair Housing and Pursuing the American Dream E 3 Webinar
Advocating for Short Sale Clients E 3 Internet
Affordable Housing: Solutions for Homes and Financing E 3 Internet
Agents and Home Inspections E 3 Classroom
Assistance Animals and Fair Housing E 3 Internet
Breaking Barriers in Fair Housing E 3 Internet
Certified New Home Sales Professional (CSP) E 9 Classroom
Code of Ethics: Good for Your Clients and Your Business C 3 Internet
Current Issues and Trends in Real Estate E 3 Internet
Cybercrime & Human Behavior E 3 Webinar
Did You Serve? Identifying Homebuying Advantages for Veterans E 3 Internet
Fire, Scissors and Legal Landmines Risk Management for Active Agents E 3 Webinar
Hot Topics in Real Estate E 3 Internet
House Construction as a Selling Tool E 9 Classroom
Kansas Required Core 2021: Staying in Step with KREC E 3 Internet
Keeping It Legal E 3 Classroom
Managing Risk in Your Real Estate Business E 3 Internet
Marijuana in Real Estate E 3 Internet
Marketing & Communication Strategies for Aging & Accessibility (CAPS I) E 6 Classroom
Negotiate This! E 3 Classroom
Personal Safety E 3 Internet
Practically Legal C 3 Classroom
Preparing a Market Analysis - Best Practices E 3 Internet
Price, Value & Appraising E 3 Webinar
Representation Options in the State of Missouri E 3 Internet
Residential Appraisals E 3 Classroom
Residential Appraisals E 3 Webinar
Residential Property Management Essentials E 3 Internet
Safety and Defense E 3 Classroom
Sex and Real Estate: Sexual Harassment, Discrimination & Fair Housing E 3 Internet
Successfully Selling HUD Homes E 3 Classroom
Taxes and Real Estate: What you Need to Know E 3 Internet
Technology Tools, Trends and Risk Management E 3 Internet
The Code of Ethics in Action: Real-Life Applications C 3 Internet
The Code of Ethics in the Spotlight C 3 Webinar
Working with Real Estate Investors: Understanding Investor Strategies E 3 Internet