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Exam Dates

Jurisprudence Examinations:
DateFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
2023-12-00PDF File28 kb8/2/2022
2023-11-08PDF File33 kb8/1/2022
2023-10-12PDF File33 kb8/1/2022
2023-09-00PDF File28 kb8/2/2022
2023-08-09PDF File33 kb8/1/2022
2023-07-13PDF File32 kb8/1/2022
2023-06-00PDF File28 kb8/2/2022
2023-05-10PDF File32 kb8/1/2022
2023-04-13PDF File32 kb8/1/2022
2023-03-00PDF File28 kb8/2/2022
2023-02-08PDF File33 kb8/1/2022
2023-01-12PDF File32 kb8/1/2022
2022-12-09PDF File33 kb4/6/2022
2022-11-09PDF File33 kb11/10/2021
2022-10-13PDF File33 kb11/10/2021
2022-09-16PDF File34 kb4/6/2022
2022-08-10PDF File32 kb11/10/2021

General Information about the Jurisprudence Examination:
The Jurisprudence Examination covers the Missouri Psychology Practice Act and Rules, with particular emphasis on the Ethical Rules of Conduct (Chapter 5). This examination consists of one hundred (100) multiple-choice questions. Candidates are given three (3) hours to complete the examination. To successfully pass the Jurisprudence Examination candidates must achieve a seventy percent (70%) or better pass rate.

The Jurisprudence Examination is given one time each month generally during the second week of the month. The examination begins at 1:00pm and is administered at the Division of Professional Registration, 3605 Missouri Boulevard, Jefferson City, Missouri. The exception is when the Jurisprudence examination is given in with the Oral Examination, then the testing date is generally on a Friday beginning at 8:00am and the location depends upon the date.

Oral Examinations:

DateFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
2022-12-09PDF File34 kb4/6/2022
2022-09-16PDF File35 kb4/6/2022