The following fees are established by the State Board of Podiatric Medicine:
April 30, 2020.
(A) Permanent License Fee$ 200.00
(B) Temporary License Fee$ 125.00
(C) Reciprocity License Fee$ 200.00
(D) Missouri Law Examination Administration Fee$ 25.00
(E) Biennial Renewal Fee$ 200.00
(F) Inactive Biennial Renewal Fee$ 100.00
(G) Renewal Late Fee (Per Month)$ 30.00
(H) Reactivation Fee (inactive to active)$ 100.00
(I) Reciprocity Certification Fee$ 10.00
(J) Certification of Corporations$ 10.00
(K) Uncollectible Fee (uncollectible check or other uncollectible financial instrument$ 25.00
(L) Continuing Education Board Review Fee$ 25.00
(M) Background Check Fee (amount determined by the Missouri State Highway Patrol) 
(N) CME Reporting Period Late Fee$ 50.00

All fees are nonrefundable.