Discipline/Other Actions That Became Effective In Current Year

Disciplinary and other actions taken by the board since January 1 of the current calendar year.

DateFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
Gjertson, Robert DPM 2019-12-23PDF File263 kb1/21/2020
Gray, Yev DPM 2020-01-31PDF File310 kb2/1/2020
Hurst, Delois DPM 2020-01-28PDF File447 kb1/13/2020
Kachigian, Armand, DPM 2021-02-17PDF File164 kb2/18/2021

Discipline/Other Actions

Disciplinary and other licensure actions taken by the Board since 1990.

NameFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
Aschenbrenner, Jeffrey R DPMPDF File120 kb3/11/2008
Bernard, Harry 2014-08-19PDF File9 kb12/11/2015
Bradford, Henry 2010-07-17PDF File10 kb11/29/2012
Dailey, John 2015-02-10PDF File592 kb2/12/2015
Dial, Charles DPM - 2006-06-06PDF File303 kb3/11/2008
Dial, Charles DPM - 2007-05-09PDF File116 kb3/11/2008
Fowler, Franklin L DPM - 2001-04-01PDF File83 kb3/18/2008
Fraum, Lee R DPM - 2001-11-16PDF File66 kb3/11/2008
Gjertson, Robert DPM 2019-12-23PDF File263 kb1/21/2020
Glynn, Paul D DPM - 2000-07-25PDF File86 kb3/18/2008
Gray, Yev DPM 2020-01-31PDF File310 kb2/1/2020
Grayson, Ricky POD 2016-11-16PDF File9 kb11/16/2016
Green, Gregory 2004-07-21PDF File9 kb4/11/2012
Halinski, Anthony L Jr DPM - 1990-07-17PDF File60 kb3/11/2008
Halinski, Anthony L Jr DPM - 2002-03-13PDF File412 kb3/14/2008
Halinski, Anthony L Jr DPM - 2004-02-23PDF File36 kb3/11/2008
Halinski, Anthony L Jr DPM -2001- 04-10PDF File412 kb3/14/2008
Hardy, Denise DPM - 2010-04-09PDF File95 kb5/13/2010
Hurst, Delois DPM 2020-01-28PDF File447 kb1/13/2020
Hyde-Person, Talia 2014-08-12PDF File423 kb8/20/2014
Iken, Lawrence POD 2017-02-08PDF File427 kb1/24/2017
Innocenzi, Anthony DPM 2018-02-21PDF File345 kb2/21/2018
Innocenzi, Anthony DPM 2016-04-08PDF File399 kb3/28/2016
Kachigian, Armand 2015-05-05PDF File439 kb5/5/2015
Kachigian, Armand A DPM - 2010-08-20PDF File955 kb8/26/2010
Kachigian, Armand DPM 2013-08-20PDF File433 kb8/21/2013
Kiddy, Daniel DPM 2018-09-26PDF File11 kb10/9/2018
Main, James T Jr DPM - 2000-11-15PDF File123 kb3/11/2008
Marston, Clifford B DPM -2009-09-30PDF File190 kb2/24/2010
Martin, Brian DPM 2018-09-26PDF File11 kb10/9/2018
Martin, Brian POD 2016-11-16PDF File9 kb1/11/2017
Martin, Nicolas DPM 2016-02-25PDF File485 kb2/11/2016
Metcalf, John 2004-07-21PDF File9 kb4/11/2012
Miller, Jeff 2010-07-17PDF File10 kb11/29/2012
Miller, Jeff POD 2016-11-16PDF File9 kb12/1/2016
Mueller, Terrance 2014-08-19PDF File9 kb8/20/2014
Murphy, Walter S DPM - 1991-05-03PDF File59 kb3/18/2008
Parr, Zackwrie S DPM - 2010-27-10PDF File842 kb12/1/2010
Pham, Dave Dai Quang DPM 2011-04-22PDF File1637 kb9/6/2013
Pham, David Dai Quang DPM - 2013-08-15PDF File947 kb3/18/2019
Sapperstein, David A DPM -1990-04-06PDF File94 kb3/18/2008
Shemwell, Robert R DPM - 1999-09-16PDF File107 kb3/11/2008
Shemwell, Robert R POD 2016-11-16PDF File9 kb11/23/2016
Sloan, Christopher 2012-07-21PDF File10 kb8/1/2012
Stafford, Bic DPM - 2011-09-07PDF File540 kb10/20/2011
Starr, Mitchell A DPM - 1993-08-11PDF File57 kb3/11/2008
Ton, Diana 2014-08-19PDF File9 kb8/29/2014