Rules & Statutes

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324.1102.Board created, duties, members, qualifications, terms--fund created, use of moneys.
324.1103.Duties of division.
324.1104.Prohibited acts.
324.1106.Persons deemed not to be engaging in private investigation business.
324.1107.Private fire investigation, deemed not engaging in, when.
324.1108.Application for licensure, contents--qualifications.
324.1109.Private fire investigators, owner seeking agency license must have investigator license, requirements.
324.1110.Licensure requirements.
324.1112.Denial of a request for licensure, when.
324.1114.Fee required--license for individuals only, agency license must be applied for separately.
324.1116.Agency hiring criteria.
324.1118.Licensure required--prohibited acts.
324.1120.Supervision of agency employees required, when.
324.1122.Continuing education requirements.
324.1124.Form of license, contents--posting requirements.
324.1126.Expiration of license, when--renewal--licensee responsible for good conduct of employees.
324.1128.Information regarding criminal offenses, licensee to divulge as required by law--prohibited acts.
324.1130.Records to be maintained--required filings.
324.1132.Advertising requirements.
324.1134.Licensure sanctions permitted, procedure--complaint may be filed with administrative hearing commission--disciplinary action authorized, when.
324.1136.Record-keeping requirements--investigatory powers of the board.
324.1138.Rulemaking authority.
324.1140.(Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 464 ยง A)
324.1142.Falsification of required information, penalties.
324.1146.Licensure of law enforcement officers, qualifications.
324.1147.Civil and criminal liability, no immunity, when.
324.1148.Violations, penalty.