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Proposed Rule Updates

During the October 27, 2017 Board meeting the Board approved an amendment and two (2) rescissions to the Physician Assistant rules. The rules must be approved by the Governor's office and upon approval will be filed by the Board in accordance with chapter 536, RSMo. The following rule changes are being proposed:

20 CSR 2150-7.135 Physician Assistant Supervision Agreements (Click Here)

The proposed amendment to this rule would address conflicts in the Physician Assistant Practice Act. Specifically:

  • Under section 334.735.1(8), RSMo, appropriate supervision of a physician assistant "shall require the supervising physician to be working within the same facility as the physician assistant for at least four (4) hours within one (1) calendar day for every fourteen (14) days on which the physician assistant provides patient care as described in subsection 3 of this section." However, the current rule 20 CSR 2150-7.135(4) conflicts with the statute, stating that the supervising physician and physician assistant must work within the same facility sixty-six percent (66%) of the time per calendar quarter.
  • Similarly, while section 334.735.2(1), RSMo, provides that physician assistants shall practice at a location within a fifty (50)-mile radius of the supervising physician's practice location, subsection (6) of 20 CSR 2150-7.135 requires physician assistants to practice within thirty (30) miles of the supervising physician unless the physician assistant obtains a waiver from the Board to practice up to fifty (50) miles apart. Under the current statute, the waiver is no longer necessary as all physician assistants are allowed to practice up to fifty (50) miles from the practice location of the supervising physician.
  • Moreover, the Board is proposing removing subsections (3), (5) and (7) of 20 CSR 2150-7.135 because the provisions essentially impose requirements that are already codified in the statute, in sections 334.735.1(8) and 334.735.13, RSMo.
  • Lastly, the proposed amendment removes a reference in subsection (1) of 20 CSR 2150-7.135 to an earlier version of rule which no longer exists.

20 CSR 2150-7.136 Request for Waivers (Click Here)
20 CSR 2150-7.137 Waiver Renewal (Click Here)

The proposed rescissions remove rule s that conflict with the Physician Assistant Practice Act as it relates physician-physician assistant waivers.

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