The Missouri Board of Pharmacy is pleased to announce that the Missouri Pharmacy Well-Being Program is now available. Established by § 338.380, the Pharmacy Well-Being Program supports the early identification, intervention, treatment, and rehabilitation of licensees and registrants who may be impaired due to illness, substance abuse, or a physical or mental condition.

The Board has contracted with the Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons (MAOPS) to administer Missouri's Pharmacy Well-Being Program, as part of the MAOPS Physician & Health Professional Wellness Program. Program administrators have decades of experience in addictionology, mental health, & healthcare professional wellness. MAOPS has administered the Missouri Physician & Professional Health Program since 1987 and also administers the Dental Well-Being Program on behalf of the Missouri Dental Board.

As recognized by MAOPS:

"Health professionals, like anyone else, are susceptible to substance, psychiatric and medical illnesses. If left untreated, these illnesses can put even the finest clinicians and their patients at risk. Many do not get the help they need due to the social stigma, fear of exposure, or lack of awareness."

The Pharmacy Well-Being Program will protect the public by providing participants early access to needed resources to continue practicing safely and competently. Available MAOPS resources include:

  • Identifying and locating counseling and treatment resources;
  • Securing an appropriate assessment/evaluation by a qualified provider; and
  • Ongoing professional support and monitoring.

The Pharmacy Well-Being Program, is open to all Board licensees and registrants, including, pharmacists, intern pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. See the Board's Pharmacy Well-Being Program brochure for additional program information.

How Does The Well-Being Program Work?

  • Board Referrals: Licensees/Registrants may be referred by the Board as part of a disciplinary order or a voluntary compliance agreement. Licensees referred by the Board will have an opportunity to participate in recovery and treatment with the goal of safely returning to professional practice. Participants are responsible for treatment costs/fees except as otherwise provided by the Board.
  • Voluntary Participants: Board licensees and registrants struggling with addiction, impairment, or mental health conditions may voluntarily enter the Pharmacy Well-Being Program to access counseling and treatment resources.

By statute, the identity of all self-referred voluntary participants is confidential. It will not be disclosed to the Missouri Board of Pharmacy unless the participant fails to comply with their MAOPS requirements/contract. This confidentiality is designed to encourage licensees and registrants to proactively seek early intervention and treatment on their own by providing a non-disciplinary option for securing needed care and assistance.

Voluntary Participants will be responsible for program costs; Insurance options should be discussed with MAOPS.

How Do I Access The Program?

If you or someone you know needs help, contact MAOPS and the Pharmacy Well-Being Program at:

(573) 632-5562

Or contact:

Heather Johns, LCSW, Director

James Wieberg, M.Ed., LPC, Associate Director

See the Board's Pharmacy WBP brochure for additional Program information.