Meeting Information

DateFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
2023-01-18 to 19 OPEN MeetingPDF File9118 kb1/12/2023
2023-01-13 CLOSED MeetingPDF File220 kb1/12/2023
2022-12-14 CLOSED MeetingPDF File290 kb1/12/2023
2022-12-05 Rx Cares Sub-CommPDF File205 kb12/1/2022
2022-11-16 OPEN MeetingPDF File512 kb11/10/2022
2022-10-26 to 27 OPEN MeetingPDF File5455 kb10/25/2022
2022-10-26 Rx Cares Sub-CommPDF File123 kb10/24/2022
2022-10-26 MeetingPDF File103 kb2/18/2022
2022-10-24 CLOSED Conference CallPDF File108 kb10/20/2022
2022-10-14 Rx Cares Sub-CommPDF File174 kb12/1/2022
2022-10-11 EMAIL BallotPDF File94 kb10/7/2022
2022-10-05 HAC MeetingPDF File146 kb10/3/2022
2022-09-22 OPEN MeetingPDF File154 kb9/15/2022
2022-09-21 CLOSED MeetingPDF File115 kb9/15/2022
2022-09-14 Rx Cares Sub-CommPDF File468 kb9/10/2022
2022-08-25 EMAIL BallotPDF File93 kb8/24/2022
2022-07-22 EMAIL BallotPDF File93 kb7/21/2022
2022-07-13 to 14 MeetingPDF File8026 kb7/11/2022
2022-07-13 CLOSED MeetingPDF File163 kb7/11/2022
2022-06-22 OPEN Conference CallPDF File275 kb6/21/2022
2022-06-15 Conference CallPDF File3743 kb6/6/2022
2022-06-15 CLOSED MeetingPDF File110 kb6/6/2022
2022-06-03 MeetingPDF File146 kb6/2/2022
2022-06-01 EMAIL BallotPDF File234 kb5/31/2022
2022-05-11 OPEN Conference CallPDF File2476 kb5/3/2022
2022-05-11 Conference CallPDF File102 kb2/18/2022
2022-04-21 OPEN Conference CallPDF File127 kb4/19/2022
2022-04-13 to 14 MeetingPDF File13601 kb3/25/2022
2022-04-13 CLOSED MeetingPDF File237 kb4/5/2022
2022-03-16 Conference CallPDF File1047 kb3/7/2022
2022-03-09 Rx Cares Sub-CommPDF File178 kb3/7/2022
2022-03-04 EMAIL BallotPDF File101 kb3/2/2022
2022-03-02 MeetingPDF File115 kb2/28/2022
2022-02-25 Rx Cares Sub-CommPDF File199 kb2/23/2022
2022-02-16 OPEN MeetingPDF File6158 kb2/3/2022
2022-02-08 Rx Cares Sub-CommPDF File295 kb2/4/2022
2022-01-13 OPEN Meeting- AMENDEDPDF File5875 kb1/11/2022
2022-01-12 Closed MeetingPDF File109 kb12/29/2021
2021-12-31 Emergency OPEN MeetingPDF File177 kb12/30/2021
2021-12-14 HospPDF File175 kb12/10/2021
2021-12-14 EMAIL BallotPDF File101 kb12/13/2021
2021-12-07 Phy Working Conditions Task ForcePDF File178 kb12/1/2021
2021-11-19 EMAIL BallotPDF File101 kb11/18/2021
2021-11-17 OPEN MeetingPDF File7553 kb11/12/2021
2021-11-17 CLOSED MeetingPDF File109 kb11/8/2021
2021-11-11 Rx Cares Focus Group MeetingPDF File206 kb11/8/2021
2021-10-29 Task Force (Working Conditions)PDF File390 kb10/26/2021
2021-10-26 EMAIL BallotPDF File229 kb10/25/2021
2021-10-19 to 10-20 OPEN MeetingPDF File17781 kb9/30/2021
2021-10-19 to 10-20 OPEN Meeting (AMENDED)PDF File17785 kb10/16/2021
2021-10-19 CLOSED MeetingPDF File109 kb9/30/2021
2021-10-04 CLOSED Conference CallPDF File108 kb10/4/2022
2021-09-27 EMAIL BallotPDF File235 kb9/24/2021
2021-09-24 EMAIL BallotPDF File101 kb9/23/2021
2021-09-07 EMAIL BallotPDF File101 kb9/3/2021
2021-08-18 OPEN ConfPDF File4204 kb8/10/2021
2021-08-18 CLOSED MeetingPDF File109 kb8/10/2021
2021-07-27 EMAIL BallotPDF File101 kb7/26/2021
2021-07-15 HANDOUTSPDF File429 kb7/14/2021
2021-07-14 to 7-15 AMENDEDPDF File7652 kb7/10/2021
2021-06-29 EMAIL BallotPDF File101 kb6/28/2021
2021-06-16 OPEN Conf CallPDF File2244 kb6/3/2021
2021-06-16 CLOSED Conf CallPDF File103 kb5/29/2021
2021-05-25 Hosp Adv CommPDF File2112 kb5/21/2021
2021-05-19 OPEN Conference CallPDF File4742 kb5/7/2021
2021-05-14 HospPDF File383 kb5/11/2021
2021-04-23 OPEN Conference CallPDF File235 kb4/21/2021
2021-04-14 to 4-15 OPEN CallPDF File4132 kb4/5/2021
2021-04-06 CLOSED E-mail BallotPDF File101 kb4/5/2021
2021-03-31 OPEN Conference CallPDF File171 kb3/26/2021
2021-03-24 OPEN Conference CallPDF File2831 kb3/15/2021
2021-03-23 Hosp Adv CommPDF File1579 kb3/19/2021
2021-03-12 CLOSED E-mail BallotPDF File101 kb3/11/2021
2021-03-09 Conference CallPDF File1975 kb3/8/2021
2021-02-17 OPEN Conference CallPDF File2681 kb2/7/2021
2021-01-21 Hosp Adv CommPDF File678 kb1/19/2021
2021-01-20 CLOSED E-mail BallotPDF File101 kb1/19/2021
2021-01-14 Conference CallPDF File893 kb1/6/2021
2021-01-13 CLOSED Conference CallPDF File106 kb1/6/2021
2021-01-07 Rule Sub-Committee (Conference Call)PDF File287 kb1/5/2021