Board Regulatory Sign

Effective August 30, 2022, all pharmacies located in Missouri must post a regulatory sign that indicates the pharmacy is licensed and regulated by the Missouri Board of Pharmacy and includes the Board's current mailing and e-mail addresses. [20 CSR 2220-2.010(1)(L)3.] The required sign must be prominently posted in close proximity to the pharmacy in a manner and location that is easily viewable and readable by the public. Posting is required for all pharmacies located in Missouri, even if the pharmacy is not open to the public (e.g., "closed door" pharmacies).

The Board will supply one (1) free copy of the Board regulation sign to all Missouri located pharmacies (fees may apply for replacement signs). An electronic copy of the Board approved sign is available below for copying/reproducing. Pharmacies may also create their own signs or display an electronic sign, provided the sign includes the same wording as the Board approved sign and the sign's lettering equals or exceeds the sign issued by the Board. Electronic signs must be constantly visible to the public during the pharmacy's normal business hours without interruption. [20 CSR 2220-2.010(1)(L)3.] Scrolling electronic displays with different images/messages are not compliant

August 2022 newsletter
Regulatory Sign