Rules & Statutes

Rules and Regulations

324.050.Occupational therapy practice act--definitions.
324.056.License to practice required, when--supervision of occupational therapy assistants.
324.059.Exceptions to licensing requirements.
324.063.Missouri board of occupational therapy, members, terms, removal.
324.065.Board duties, meetings, compensation--rules, procedure.
324.068.Division of professional registration duties.
324.071.Application for a license--certification, when.
324.074.Missouri board of occupational therapy fund created.
324.077.Limited permit issued, when.
324.080.Renewal notice sent, when--inactive status granted, when.
324.086.Refusal to issue license, when--notification of applicant--complain procedure.
324.089.Violations of sections 324.050 to 324.089.