Board Meetings

To obtain a copy of Open Session minutes for a particular meeting, please submit a written request to the Committee/Board.

DateFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
2022-12-16PDF File164 kb12/2/2022
2022-09-09PDF File155 kb8/26/2022
2022-06-03PDF File829 kb5/17/2022
2022-05-06PDF File1127 kb4/21/2022
2022-02-25PDF File157 kb2/8/2022
2021-11-05PDF File205 kb10/25/2021
2021-07-23PDF File156 kb7/12/2021
2021-04-23PDF File156 kb4/8/2021
2021-01-22PDF File156 kb1/7/2021
2020-09-25PDF File282 kb9/10/2020
2020-07-10PDF File341 kb6/26/2020
2020-05-01PDF File181 kb4/27/2020
2020-01-10PDF File263 kb12/27/2019
2019-10-18 mail ballotPDF File63 kb10/16/2019
2019-10-11PDF File114 kb9/26/2019
2019-07-26PDF File104 kb7/11/2019
2019-07-26 revisedPDF File97 kb7/12/2019
2019-04-12PDF File43 kb4/3/2019
2019-01-25PDF File159 kb1/7/2019
2017-06-15PDF File23 kb6/1/2017
2017-05-25 CancelledPDF File53 kb5/18/2017
2017-02-24PDF File22 kb2/17/2017
2016-11-10PDF File22 kb10/26/2016
2016-08-12PDF File16 kb7/28/2016
2016-05-06PDF File13 kb4/21/2016
2016-02-05PDF File59 kb1/22/2016
2015-10-01PDF File53 kb9/14/2015
2014-12-12PDF File102 kb11/25/2014
2014-09-25PDF File61 kb9/24/2014
2014-08-22PDF File65 kb8/7/2014
2014-05-09PDF File80 kb4/24/2014
2014-02-14PDF File16 kb1/30/2014
2013-11-22PDF File94 kb11/5/2013
2013-08-09PDF File68 kb7/24/2013
2013-05-09PDF File67 kb5/7/2013
2013-02-01PDF File72 kb1/22/2013
2013-02-01 (2)PDF File72 kb1/22/2013