About the Board

Senate Bill 141 created the Missouri Board of Occupational Therapy in 1997. The Board is comprised of six members. Three of the members are occupational therapists, one member is an occupational therapy assistant and the remaining two members represent the interests of the general public.

The Board, in collaboration with the Division of Professional Registration, is responsible for developing, implementing and administering the rules and regulations necessary to carry out the Occupational Therapy Practice Act. These regulations include establishing the requirements for licensure, continuing competency, as well as the ethical standards of conduct for occupational therapy practitioners. The Board will also be responsible for investigating complaints related to the practice of occupational therapy.

The Board's goal in carrying out its duties is to ensure that the citizens of our state receive the highest quality occupational therapy services possible and that the profession develops in a manner that is productive for its practitioners and the state of Missouri.


The mission of the Missouri Board of Occupational Therapy is to protect the citizens of the state through the licensing of occupational therapists and assistants, assessing their competence to practice. It is also the Board's duty to investigate all complaints against its licensees in a fair and equitable manner.