Missouri Nursing Workforce Information

Employment and education data is collected by the Missouri State Board of Nursing through the licensure process for licensed practical nurses, registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses. Statistical information is then reported annually, and as needed and requested, by interested stakeholders.

Legislation was enacted in 2016 (324.001.14, RSMo) which allows the board to collect workforce data from its licensees for future workforce planning and to assess the accessibility and availability of qualified health care services and practitioners in Missouri. On March 3, 2017, the board of nursing entered into a contract with the Curators of the University of Missouri Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis to provide technical and administrative support to conduct the research and provide reports. The deliverables of that contract include the following components:

  • Initiate work of data advisory team for ongoing support of the project.
  • Analyze and refine existing healthcare workforce and community indicators and indicator resources including healthcare workforce data availability from professional associations and alternative registries and licensing bodies, looking at data costs, quality, comparability to Professional Registration data sets for purposes of data validation and enrichment.
  • Update existing healthcare workforce and community indicators included in the prototype application with full data sets as available.
  • Collect, clean, analyze additional indicator data as available.
  • Specify web-based dashboard (front end to DPR's indicators and analytical products
  • Develop Initial annual standard analytical reports
  • Demonstrate dashboard to key stakeholders including advisory group.

Contact: Lori Scheidt, Executive Director
By email: lori.scheidt@pr.mo.gov
By phone: 573-751-0069

For a list of the Workforce Advisory Panel Members see this pdf file.