Sample Resources

The links to education materials provided below are for informational purposes only. None of the forms in these links are mandated or required by the Board of Nursing. These materials are provided as a courtesy to assist new program administrators and faculty to facilitate program documentation. These resources are examples of forms that are provided to assist programs in meeting minimum standards.

Any modifications to the forms should comply with minimum standards for professional/practical nursing programs.

Admission Rubric
Annual Report Instruction Letter
Application Packets
Clinical Attendance Policy
Clinical Schedule Template
Clinical Site Evaluation Tool
Clinical Student Evaluation Tool
Course Evaluation Tool
Curriculum Plan for BSN Programs
Faculty Record Form
Faculty Summary for Course Evaluation Tool
Generic Systematic Program Evaluation Plan for ADN and PN Programs
Generic Systematic Program Evaluation Plan for BSN Programs
Guide for Utilization of Preceptors
Guide to Clinial Learning
Guidelines for Focused-Follow Up Survey Visits
Guidelines for Relocation Survey Visits
Guidelines for Routine Survey Visits
Instructor Evaluation Tool
Library Policy Guidelines
Pathway to Licensure Presentation
Plan of Correction Template - Professional Nursing
Relocation Self-Study - Practical Nursing
Relocation Self-Study - Professional Nursing
Sample Affiliation Agreement
Sample Budget Creation Policy
Sample Dress Code Policy
Sample Preceptor Agreement
Sample Skills Checklist
Sample Syllabus 1
Sample Syllabus 2
Self-Study Report - Practical Nursing
Self-Study Report - Professional Nursing
Skills-Simulation Lab Policy Guidelines
Social Media Policy
Template for Faculty Orientation
Template for Meeting Minutes
Testing Policy Guidelines
Transcript Checklist