Licensure LPN

NCSBN Guidance

Change of Name/Address
Citizenship/Lawful Presence Form
Nurse Licensure Compact Primary Residence Requirement
Nurse Licensure Compact Uniform Licensure Requirements
Nurse Licensure Compact
Pathway to Licensure Presentation
Pathway to Licensure Presentation
Petition for Prelicensure Criminal History Determination
Request for Inactive Nurse License Status

LPN License by Exam

LPN License by Examination (First-Time Applying for Missouri License by Exam)

LPN License by Examination - Air Force Program

LPN License by Examination - International, Puerto Rico or Canadian Educated

LPN Repeat Examination (Previously Tested for a Missouri License)

LPN License by Endorsement

LPN License by Endorsement (Licensed in another state and Never Held a Missouri License)

LPN License Reinstatement

Form To Renew Expired Missouri LPN License