How to File a Complaint

The Missouri State Board of Nursing (Board) is responsible for responding to formal complaints against pre-licensure nursing programs, approved by the Board, that operate under institutional sponsorship of public, independent, private, non-for-profit and proprietary institutions of higher learning in Missouri. While the Board has limited authority over colleges and universities and cannot offer legal advice, Board staff will review submitted complaints and work with student complainants and nursing programs. Students may wish to consult their own legal counsel for any legal advice.

Discrimination: If a student believes that an institution/nursing program has acted in a discriminatory manner, he/she may wish to contact the Missouri Commission on Human Rights at 573-751-3325.

Financial Aid: If a student has been denied financial aid, an appeal may be filed or questions may be directed to the Missouri Coordinating Board of Higher Education at 800-473-6757.

Law Violations: If a student believes that a college or university has violated state or federal law, he/she may wish to contact the Missouri Attorney General's Office at 573-751-3321.

Other Complaints: Within two (2) years of the incident about which the student is complaining, he/she must contact the Missouri State Board of Nursing (Board) using the complaint form. Please note that the Board's authority for resolution of complaints related to course grades, academic sanctions or discipline/conduct matters or nursing program personnel issues is limited. It is the expectation of the Board that nursing programs follow policies set in place by their institutions. The Board's only role in complaint processing is to determine if the nursing program followed the nursing program's/institutions published student grievance procedures. The Board has no role or authority to overturn the nursing program's decisions that have gone through the published grievance process.

For additional questions about the complaint process, or for clarification if a complaint is reviewable by the Missouri State Board of Nursing, please contact Board staff at

Student Complaint Form