Other Statutes of Interest to Nurses

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Administration of Medication or Health Services in Schools 167.621, RSMo
Collaborative Practice Arrangements 334.104, RSMo
Criminal Background Checks 192.2495
Declarations, Life Support 459.010, RSMo; 459.015 RSMo
Definition of Term, Drug 196.010, RSMo
Disciplinary Actions for Health Care Professionals Who Discriminate Against HIV Patients 191.699, RSMo
Duty to Report Abuse, Neglect of Convalescent, Nursing and Boarding Home Residents & Employee Disqualification List 198.070, RSMo
Duty to Report Child Abuse, Neglect, and Under Age 18 Deaths 210.115, RSMo
Duty to Report Elder Abuse or Neglect 565.188, RSMo
Duty to Report Gunshot Wounds 578.350, RSMo
Emergency Care (Good Samaritan Law) 537.037, RSMo
Exempted Practices and Practitioners 335.081, RSMo
Felony and Misdemeanor Classifications 557.016, RSMo; 557.021, RSMo
Fraudulent Attempt to Obtain Controlled Substance 195.204, RSMo
Generic Substitutions on Prescriptions 338.056, RSMo
Health Care Facility Requirement to Wear Identification Badges Displaying Licensure Status 197.705, RSMo
Infection Control Procedures 191.694, RSMo
Invasive Procedures Defined 191.650(9), RSMo
Legal Definition of Death 194.005, RSMo
Medical Malpractice Statutes of Limitations 516.105, RSMo
Offenses Against the Person Chapter 565 RSMo
Peer Review Committees, Immunity 537.035, RSMo
Pharmacist Filling Prescription Forwarded by Authorized Agent 338.198, RSMo
Physician and Pharmacist Not Subject to Discipline for Cooperation with Other Licensed Health Care Professionals Practicing Within Scope of License 191.228, RSMo
Possession/Penalty for Possession/Control of Controlled Substance 195.202, RSMo
Prescription, Drug Order/Telephone Order, Defined 338.095, RSMo
Prescriptions, How Labeled 338.059, RSMo
Probate Code - Guardianship Chapter 475 RSMo
Robbery, Arson, Burglary and Related Offenses Chapter 569 RSMo
Statutes of Limitations, Disabilities - 21 years 516.030, RSMo
Tort Actions Based on Improper Health Care - Definitions 538.205, RSMo
Who May Prescribe (Controlled Substances) 195.070, RSMo