Compliance Actions


The Board of Nursing may take disciplinary action against a licensee for violation of the Nursing Practice Act. The Board is authorized to impose any of the following disciplines singularly or in combination: censure, probation, suspension, & revocation. Review 336.066, RSMo for more information - RsMO 335.066.

This is the least restrictive discipline. The imposition of censure acts as a public reprimand that is permanently kept in the licensee's file.

The imposition of probation places terms and conditions on the licensee's license. The licensee must comply with the terms and conditions throughout the probationary period, which may extend up to 5 years.

The imposition of suspension requires that the licensee cease practicing nursing for a period not to exceed 3 years.

This is the most restrictive discipline. The imposition of revocation mandates that the licensee immediately loses his/her license and may no longer practice nursing in Missouri. Once a license is revoked, the individual may not apply for relicensure for at least one year from the date of revocation. Upon application, the individual may be relicensed at the discretion of the Board after compliance with all the requirements relative to a new applicant, including, but not limited to, retaking the licensure examination.

The Board of Nursing also has an intervention program and alternative program. There are limitations on who is eligible for these programs. You can find more information at RsMO 335.067.