Air Force Nursing Service Program - US17110000

Thank you for your service to this country! Missouri State Board of Nursing welcomes you to Missouri!

As of March 22, 2017, pursuant to section 324.007, RSMo, the Missouri State Board of Nursing recognizes education, training, and/or service received and completed through the Air Force Basic Medical Technician Corpsman Program (BMTCP) - 4N051-5 Skill Level as an approved program of practical nursing.

This means that any applicant, who has successfully completed the Air Force BMTCP-4N051 with a 5 Skill Level, or above, has met educational qualifications to apply for licensure as a practical nurse in Missouri.

This program is listed as the Air Force Nursing Service Program-MO-Practical Nursing.
The NCLEX program code is US17110000.

The application for LPN licensure specific to this program as well as an instructional letter designed to guide the application process are accessible at under the Air Force tabs.