Law Regarding Pseudoephedrine and Ephedrine

Schedule 5 drugs that require a BNDD and DEA number:
Pseudoephedrine products that are solid-dosed and starched based tablets are Schedule 5, if they can also be purchased over the counter by a customer without a prescription. If no prescription is required and a customer can buy it and sign the log for it, it is Schedule 5. These products cannot be prescribed without a BNDD number and DEA number.

Pseudoephedrine products that are not controlled substances:
The following pseudoephedrine products are not considered Schedule 5, and are exempted from controlled substance laws:

  1. Liquid dosage forms such as syrups and liquid-filled gel caps;
  2. Solid dose forms that are legend prescription drugs and require a prescription because a customer cannot buy them over the counter without a prescription.