Agreement Entries

  • (3)(D) Agreement must establish "guidelines for consultation and referral to collaborating physician or designated health care facility for services or emergency care beyond the education, training, competence, or scope of practice of" APN
  • (3)(G) Collaborative practice arrangement must be written agreement, jointly agreed upon protocols, or standing orders "specific to the clinical conditions treated" by collaborating physician and APN
  • (4)(B) Collaborative practice arrangement must be signed and dated by both collaborating physician and APN before implementation, and signatures must signify "that both are aware of its content and agree to follow" its terms
  • (4)(G) The collaborative practice arrangement must identify the process for review and management of abnormal test results
  • (2)(B), (3)(H), (4)(A), (3)(G)8 . . . collaborating physician, "or other physician designated in the collaborative practice arrangement"