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I declare as my primary state of residence effective .

I am employed exclusively in the U.S. Military (Active Duty) or with the U.S. Federal Government and am requesting a Missouri single-state license regardless of my primary residence.

Information on the Nurse Licensure Compact can be found at
In accordance with the Nurse Licensure Compact "Primary State of Residence" is defined as the state of person's declared fixed, permanent and principal home for legal purposes; domicile. Documentation of primary state of residence may be requested (but not limited to) included:

  • Driver's license with a home address
  • Voter registration card displaying a home address
  • Federal income tax return declaring primary state of residence
  • Military Form no. 2058 - state of legal residence certificate
  • W-2 from US Government or any bureau, division or agency thereof indicating the declared state of residence

Proof of any of the above may be requested.

When your primary state of residence is a non-compact state, your license will be designated as a single-state license valid only in Missouri.

When your primary state of residence is a compact state other than Missouri, your license will be placed on inactive status and you can practice in Missouri based on your unrestricted multi-state license from another compact state.


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