Healing Arts

The files below are Professional Registration Directories and have been tab delimited and can be easily imported into various databases, spreadsheets, or word processors.

Right Click on the *.ZIP file you wish to download and select Save As. Place the file where you can access it easily.

The file description contains information on the type of fields contained in the data file and how large the fields are. This will help you set up a spreadsheet or database. After setting up your document, spreadsheet or database you must import the data file (*.txt) into it.

MAC USERS: These files can be unpacked by using the free utility "Stuffit Expander".

Caution: If discipline column indicates a "Y" please defer to the Licensee Search Icon on the Board's Website at https://pr.mo.gov/licensee-search.asp for current and/or past discipline.

AAT.ZIPAnesthesiologist Assistant Temporary
ANA.ZIPAnesthesiologist Assistant
APY.ZIPAssistant Physician
ATT.ZIPAthletic Trainer
AUT.ZIPAudiology Aide
CAS.ZIPClinical Aud/Speech Pathologist
MDL.ZIPMedical Physician/Surgeon Limited
MEC.ZIPMedical Physician/Surgeon Temporary
MED.ZIPMedical Physician & Surgeon
MEG.ZIPMedical Physician/Surgeon Contiguous
MPC.ZIPMedical Physician/Surgeon Conditional
CDO.ZIPOsteopathic Physician/Surgeon Contiguous
OPC.ZIPOsteopathic Physician/Surgeon Condition
OPL.ZIPOsteopathic Physician/Surgeon Limited
OPS.ZIPOsteopathic Physicians
OST.ZIPOsteopathy Physician/Surgeon Temporary
PRP.ZIPPerfusionist Provisional
PHT.ZIPPhysical Therapist
PTA.ZIPPhysical Therapy Assistant
PTP.ZIPPhysical Therapy Assistant Temporary
PTO.ZIPPhysical Therapy One Year Temporary
PTT.ZIPPhysical Therapist Temporary
PYA.ZIPPhysician Assistant
PAT.ZIPPhysician Assistant Temporary
PAO.ZIPPTA One Year Temporary
SPA.ZIPSpeech Language Path Assistant
SPD.ZIPSpeech Language Path Aide
SPP.ZIPSpeech Language Path
VPD.ZIPVisiting Professor DO
VPM.ZIPVisiting Professor MD

Education and Specialties Information Files

Board Certification is provided by the licensee, it has not been verified by the Board.
To verify visit ABMS and AOA.

MEDEd.ZIPMedical Physician & Surgeon Education
MEDSpec.ZIPMedical Physician & Surgeon Specialties
OPSEd.ZIPOsteopathic Physicians Education
OPSSpec.ZIPOsteopathic Physicians Specialties