The files below are Professional Registration Directories and have been tab delimited and can be easily imported into various databases, spreadsheets, or word processors.

Right Click on the *.ZIP file you wish to download and select Save As. Place the file where you can access it easily.

The file description contains information on the type of fields contained in the data file and how large the fields are. This will help you set up a spreadsheet or database. After setting up your document, spreadsheet or database you must import the data file (*.txt) into it.

MAC USERS: These files can be unpacked by using the free utility "Stuffit Expander".

Caution: Downloadable Listings are not provided for verification of discipline. To determine licensee discipline utilize Licensee Search or contact the Licensure Board.

BAS.ZIPBarber Shop
BBS.ZIPBarber School
BIN.ZIPBarber Instructor
BES.ZIPBeauty Shop
BSH.ZIPBeauty & Barber Shop
CAB.ZIPHairdressing & Manicuring/Barber
CAP.ZIPCosmetology Apprentic
CBN.ZIPCosmetology/Barber Instructor
CBS.ZIPCosmetology/Barber School
CES.ZIPCosmetology Esthetics
CIN.ZIPCosmetology Instructor
CIS.ZIPStudent Instructor Cosmetologist
CST.ZIPCosmetology Student
TCS.ZIPTemporary Cosmetologist Student
SOM.ZIPSchool of Manicuring
SOC.ZIPSchool of Cosmetology