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Licensee Name:Ure, John D 
Profession Name:Osteopathy Phys & Surgeon 
Licensee Number:R4D38  
License Status:Disciplinary Revocation 
Expiration Date:6/16/2020 
Original Issue Date:8/22/1983 
Primary Business Address: 
Address Con't: 
City, State Zip:,    
Current Discipline Status:Disciplinary Revocation
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Action Taken:Revoked 
Start Date:6/16/2020 
End Date:6/17/2022 
Terms:On May 22, 2016, Licensee amputated the fifth digit of Patient 1's right foot due to gangrene. The amputation was performed on the back porch/deck of Licensee's office, a non-sterile environment. Licensee did not report the unsanitary condition of his back deck/porch to the Board. The medical records do not show any antibiotics were administered to Patient 1; and records fail to show whether the surrounding bone remaining after the resection of the digit was properly cut away and smoothed out. From 2015 to 2016, Licensee prescribed controlled substances to Patient 2 on a regular basis. There are no drug screens in Patient 2's records. Licensee repeatedly prescribed codeine, a schedule II medication, to Patient 2 with no documented complaint of cough and no lung exam on chart. When Patient 2 was tested positive for illicit drugs and medications incongruent with Licensee's prescriptions, Licensee did not follow up with further drug screens or other treatment of substance abuse. In 2015, Licensee treated Patient 3 for chronic pain. There are no drug screens in Patient 3's records. In the course of prescribing controlled substances to Patient 3, Licensee did not order sufficient objective testing or imaging to verify or treat Patient 3's complaints. Licensee prescribed Patient 3 excessive controlled substances without conducting sufficient physical examination or maintaining adequate records. In treating all three patients, Licensee was repeatedly negligent, grossly negligent and incompetent. Licensee prescribed drugs to all three patients without conducting sufficient examination or keeping complete and accurate records. In amputating Patient 1's toe in an unsanitary environment, Licensee failed to guard against contagious, infectious or communicable diseases.