Rules & Statutes

Adobe PDF Version of Rule Book

Please refer to statute 209.319 to 209.339 for the Interpreter Committee statutes.

209.319.  State committee of interpreters to be established in division ofprofessional registration, appointment, qualifications, terms,compensation--vacancies--quorum--meetings.

209.321.  License required to practice interpreting--certain professions exempt--practice to be limited to training and education--notconsidered interpreting, when--out-of-state licensees, temporary interpreting permitted--provisional licensure, criteria.

209.322.  Certificates recognized by the board.

209.323.  License application forms, content, oath, fee not refundable, qualifications, licenses expire, when--reinstatement procedure--replacement of license lost or destroyed.

209.326.  Temporary license issued to persons licensed in other states, procedure, fee limitation.

209.328.  Ethical rules of conduct established by rules, duties of committee--other rules authorized.
209.331.  Procedure to adopt rules.

209.332.  State committee of interpreters fund established, purpose--transfer to general revenue, when--profession of interpreter not to be subject to taxation or licensing fees by municipalities.
209.334.  Refusal to issue or renew license, grounds, complaint procedure--reinstatement procedure.

209.337.  Violations, penalty--injunction granted when--venue.

209.339.  Conversation between a hearing person and a deaf person, interpreter is deemed a conduit, confidentiality, exceptions.