Q. How do I become registered?
A. Request an application from the Council by calling the office at (573) 522-4683. You must have a total of six years education and experience in interior design, and you must have successfully completed the full NCIDQ exam.

Q. I am NCIDQ certified. Can I use the certificate rather than request an NCIDQ verification?
A. No. Exam verifications must come directly from NCIDQ.

Q. I am already registered in another state. How do I become registered in Missouri?
A. Unfortunately, Missouri does not have a true reciprocity statute. Therefore, applicants must complete the entire application process, including submission of transcripts and letters of reference.

Q. I am a licensed architect. How can I become a registered interior designer?
A. If you hold a current architect license in good standing with the State of Missouri, submit a current, original letter of good standing from the APEPLSPLA board along with the completed IDC application and application fee. You will not be required to submit transcripts or letters of reference.

Q. How much continuing education do I need?
A. After the first renewal, all registered interior designers must complete one unit (10 hours) of continuing education during their renewal period. If you have not renewed your registration, call the office at (573) 522-4683 for the number of hours you are required to submit. You may also view the Policies of the Interior Design Council for information on continuing education.

Q. I have changed my address. What do I need to do?
A. First, mail or fax a letter to the Council and let us know your new information. Please include all changes, such as telephone and fax numbers. If you would like your registration to reflect the new information, please return your license and pocket card and we will replace them.

Q. How can I get a new license?
A. If your license has been lost or destroyed, you must submit a request for new registration along with a $10.00 replacement fee. You will retain the same registration number.

Q. How much does an 11 x 17 wall-hanging cost?
A. A large wall-hanging will be mailed to you within six months of your initial registration. It is provided free of charge. If your wall-hanging is lost or damaged, or if you would like to have a duplicate, you must submit a request for a new wall-hanging along with the $15.00 fee.