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2021 TENTATIVE Meeting and Practical Examination Dates

June 25, 2021 - Applications must be received by May 25, 2021.

Notice - Score Transfer

The Board of Examiners for Hearing Instrument Specialists (“Board”) recently voted to approve the transfer of out-of-state ILE scores to Missouri. The applicant must request that the score be transferred directly to the Board from the International Hearing Society (IHS). The Application for Licensure is in the process of being updated. If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact the Board’s office.

Fee changes

Effective September 30, 2019, the renewal fees will be as follows:

  • Active Renewal Fee - $300.00
  • Inactive Renewal Fee - $150.00

Renewal Information

This year, Hearing Instrument Specialists will have the opportunity to renew on-line. Postcards to renew your license will be mailed to the current address on file. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for the postcard to arrive. Upon receipt of the postcard you may renew the license online at

Not sure if the Office has your correct address? You may verify your address online at

Should you need to update your contact information you may send an email to or fax the information to (573) 526-3856. This change must be completed in writing. Please allow 1-3 business days after submitting the address change for processing.

If you have lost the renewal please visit PIN numbers cannot be given out over the telephone.

When mailing the form, it MUST be received by December 31, 2019. Any form postmarked January 1, 2020 and after will be considered late. PLEASE NOTE: The Division's website will be taken down on December 31st at 11:59 pm CST. You may NOT renew online after that time.

In February 2020 the Board plans to conduct a random audit of continuing education compliance for the renewal cycle that ends on December 31, 2019. Licensees will be notified by mail with instructions on how to report continuing education.

Notice Requirements for license by examination

346.055. 1. An applicant may obtain a license, provided the applicant:

(1) Is at least eighteen years of age; and

(2) Is of good moral character; and

(3) Successfully passes a qualifying examination as described under sections 346.010 to 346.250; and

(4) (a) Holds an associate's degree or higher, from a state or regionally accredited institution of higher education, in hearing instrument sciences; or

     (b) Holds an associate's level degree or higher, from a state or regionally accredited institution of higher education, and submits proof of completion of the International Hearing Society's Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences course; or

     (c) Holds a master's or doctoral degree in audiology from a state or regionally accredited institution; or

     (d) Holds a current, unsuspended, unrevoked license from another jurisdiction if the standards for licensing in such other jurisdiction, as determined by the board, are substantially equivalent to or exceed those required in paragraph* (a) or (b) of subdivision (3) of this subsection; or

     (e) Holds a current, unsuspended, unrevoked license from another jurisdiction, has been actively practicing as a licensed hearing aid fitter or dispenser in another jurisdiction for no less than forty-eight of the last seventy-two months, and submits proof of completion of advance certification from either the International Hearing Society or** the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

Notice - Purchase Agreement Requirements

The Board continues to review complaints where the purchase agreements do not meet the standards of Section 346.020, RSMo. The Board statutes and rules specifically outline what is required for a licensee to be in compliance with the requirements pertaining to purchase agreements. If a purchase agreement is reviewed and violations are noted, the license of the hearing instrument specialist is subject to discipline. If a licensee is employed by a business or company, the licensee must still ensure that the purchase agreement meets the standards of Section 346.020, RSMo.

The Board suggests that not only should all hearing instrument specialists review Section 346.020 Purchase Agreement Contents but also that all licensees take the time to review 20 CSR 2165-3.030 Medical Clearance and Waivers and the FDA requirements, Section 801.421 Hearing aid devices; conditions for sale. Also, the Board recommends that the warranty dates be included on the purchase agreements. When the practice of fitting hearing instruments is performed, purchase agreements are required and the above statute and rules must be adhered to.

Veterans - learn about reimbursement for your licensing examination fees.

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