Meeting Information

Board Meeting Dates and Tentative Locations Any changes to the following information will be announced as quickly as possible. Please contact the board office with any questions.

DateFile TypeFile SizeLast Modified
2024-11-19PDF File242 kb3/5/2024
2024-08-20PDF File240 kb3/5/2024
2024-05-09PDF File244 kb3/5/2024
2024-01-24PDF File249 kb1/9/2024
2023-11-14PDF File118 kb8/4/2023
2023-08-22PDF File163 kb8/14/2023
2023-05-17PDF File388 kb8/29/2023
2023-01-13PDF File1136 kb5/22/2023
2022-11-09PDF File533 kb1/18/2023
2022-08-24PDF File604 kb11/9/2022
2022-05-18PDF File978 kb8/25/2022
2022-01-13PDF File614 kb5/20/2022
2021-11-18PDF File345 kb1/14/2022
2021-09-02PDF File132 kb9/2/2021
2021-08-19PDF File274 kb11/29/2021
2021-08-16PDF File122 kb7/2/2021
2021-05-11PDF File287 kb8/23/2021
2021-02-19PDF File132 kb2/24/2021
2021-01-28PDF File421 kb6/15/2021
2020-11-18PDF File130 kb11/16/2020
2020-09-02PDF File132 kb9/1/2020
2020-08-17PDF File278 kb3/31/2021
2020-05-19PDF File132 kb5/18/2020
2020-05-13PDF File129 kb4/28/2020
2020-01-29PDF File235 kb3/31/2021
2019-11-18PDF File291 kb3/31/2021
2019-09-11PDF File42 kb9/11/2019
2019-08-28PDF File231 kb3/31/2021
2019-05-01PDF File232 kb3/31/2021
2019-01-18PDF File144 kb1/18/2019
2019-01-09PDF File250 kb3/31/2021
2018-11-14PDF File980 kb3/31/2021
2018-09-21PDF File37 kb9/21/2018
2018-08-16PDF File230 kb3/31/2021
2018-07-10PDF File31 kb7/10/2018
2018-05-17PDF File273 kb3/31/2021
2018-01-10PDF File224 kb3/31/2021
2017-11-15PDF File63 kb8/8/2018
2017-08-15PDF File31 kb8/15/2017
2017-08-02PDF File62 kb8/9/2018
2017-04-25PDF File29 kb4/25/2017
2017-04-12PDF File32 kb4/5/2017
2017-01-24PDF File78 kb8/11/2017
2016-11-16PDF File48 kb5/5/2017
2016-08-17PDF File47 kb12/14/2016
2016-05-11PDF File47 kb12/14/2016
2016-03-14PDF File28 kb3/14/2016
2016-02-04PDF File55 kb10/17/2022
2016-01-19-20PDF File105 kb1/19/2016
2015-11-18PDF File120 kb8/14/2016
2015-08-07PDF File41 kb8/14/2016
2015-05-13PDF File90 kb8/14/2016
2015-01-13PDF File235 kb1/13/2015
2015-01-07PDF File123 kb8/14/2016
2014-11-18PDF File123 kb11/17/2014
2014-08-20PDF File124 kb8/15/2016
2014-05-14PDF File193 kb8/25/2014
2014-01-15PDF File126 kb8/14/2016
2013-11-13PDF File128 kb8/15/2016
2013-09-27PDF File63 kb9/27/2013
2013-09-23PDF File85 kb11/18/2013
2013-07-31PDF File62 kb7/30/2013
2013-05-06PDF File63 kb8/13/2013
2013-04-17PDF File83 kb10/17/2013
2013-01-09PDF File76 kb4/18/2013
2012-11-14PDF File107 kb1/9/2013
2012-08-30PDF File67 kb10/26/2012
2012-07-31PDF File105 kb11/15/2012
2012-05-23PDF File109 kb10/26/2012
2012-01-12PDF File182 kb7/14/2014
2011-11-16PDF File109 kb3/9/2012
2011-08-03PDF File105 kb12/15/2011
2011-05-04PDF File102 kb8/9/2011
2011-01-10PDF File98 kb10/16/2012
2010-11-17PDF File103 kb4/25/2011
2010-08-18PDF File96 kb1/12/2011
2010-04-16PDF File104 kb1/12/2011
2010-02-02PDF File98 kb8/4/2010
2009-11-17PDF File141 kb10/20/2010
2009-08-26PDF File137 kb1/19/2010
2009-04-07PDF File112 kb8/31/2009
2009-01-29PDF File164 kb7/14/2014
2008-11-19PDF File137 kb7/14/2014
2008-08-29PDF File116 kb7/14/2014
2008-08-06PDF File8 kb8/14/2008
2008-08-05PDF File14 kb8/5/2008
2008-05-07PDF File116 kb7/14/2014
2008-02-13PDF File116 kb7/14/2014
2007-11-27PDF File114 kb7/14/2014
2007-09-12PDF File120 kb7/14/2014
2007-08-29PDF File8 kb8/27/2007
2007-06-05PDF File118 kb7/14/2014
2007-03-05-06PDF File140 kb7/14/2014
2006-11-16PDF File118 kb7/14/2014
2006-08-29PDF File118 kb7/14/2014
2006-05-02PDF File116 kb7/14/2014
2006-02-23PDF File129 kb7/14/2014
2005-11-29PDF File120 kb7/11/2014
2005-08-25PDF File371 kb7/11/2014
2005-06-01PDF File39 kb8/26/2005
2005-02-18PDF File35 kb2/16/2005
2005-02-17PDF File144 kb7/11/2014
2005-01-27PDF File29 kb1/24/2005
2004-11-18PDF File151 kb7/11/2014
2004-09-01PDF File168 kb7/11/2014
2004-05-27PDF File155 kb7/11/2014
2004-02-28PDF File284 kb7/11/2014
2004-02-27PDF File154 kb7/11/2014
2003-11-19PDF File447 kb7/11/2014
2003-08-15PDF File370 kb7/11/2014
2003-05-15PDF File319 kb5/3/2013
2003-02-13PDF File396 kb5/3/2013
2002-11-14PDF File405 kb7/11/2014
2002-09-18PDF File275 kb7/11/2014
2002-08-29PDF File1716 kb5/3/2013
2002-08-08PDF File514 kb5/3/2013
2002-06-13PDF File1344 kb5/3/2013
2002-06-05PDF File386 kb5/3/2013
2002-05-02PDF File566 kb5/3/2013
2002-02-04PDF File545 kb5/3/2013
2001-11-15PDF File27 kb11/5/2003
2001-08-09PDF File482 kb7/11/2014
2001-05-19PDF File96 kb7/10/2014
2001-05-10PDF File413 kb7/10/2014
2001-02-08PDF File506 kb5/7/2013
2000-11-17PDF File347 kb5/7/2013
2000-09-28PDF File131 kb5/7/2013
2000-08-18PDF File1317 kb5/3/2013
2000-07-11PDF File120 kb5/3/2013
2000-06-01PDF File125 kb5/3/2013
2000-05-13PDF File1402 kb5/3/2013
2000-02-18PDF File67 kb11/5/2003
2000-01-21PDF File95 kb7/10/2014

Conference Calls will be scheduled and announced as needed.

If you, your employer, or association would like to receive electronic copies of meeting notices, please contact our office by sending an e-mail to or call our office at 573-526-7625.