FAQ's for Political Subdivisions related to the Office of Statewide Electrical Contractors

As of August 28, 2017

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about the new law establishing a Missouri Statewide Electrical Contractor License. If you have additional questions, please email us at OSEC@pr.mo.gov.

  1. Since there is now a law creating a Missouri statewide license, does that mean that local political subdivisions can no longer issue electrical contractor licenses?

    Answer: No. It simply means that you must recognize a statewide electrical contractor license in lieu of a local license. Section 324.925.1, RSMo, states:

    Political subdivisions shall not be prohibited from establishing their own local electrical contractor's license, but shall recognize a statewide license in lieu of a local license for the purposes of performing contracting work or obtaining permits to perform work within such political subdivisions.

  2. Can we require our local license in addition to the state license because our local license requirements are designed for our community and we have authority to have our own licenses?

    Answer: No. The statewide license must be accepted instead of requiring a local license. A political subdivision, with the proper statutory authority, can still issue and require licenses to those who do not have a statewide license. Section 324.925, RSMo.

  3. Our local license ordinance has stricter requirements than the statewide license requires, can we still impose those additional restrictions on electrical contractors in our city or county?

    Answer: Only for licenses issued under your local ordinances. If a contractor has a valid statewide license, you must accept that license as an electrical contractor. Section 324.925.2, RSMo.

  4. Does this mean we can no longer license electricians?

    Answer: The statewide license is only for the electrical contractor who is defined as a person or entity engaged "in the business of installing, erecting, or maintaining electrical wiring, fixtures, apparatus, equipment, devices, or components, regardless of voltage, that are used for generation, transmission, and utilization of electricity." Section 324.900(3), RSMo.

  5. Can we still require a business license for electrical contracting businesses?

    Answer: Yes. The statewide license is for electrical contractors to qualify them to engage in the practice of electrical contracting. If the electrical contractor is also a business that requires a business license in your jurisdiction, the business license may still be required.

    Section 324.925.3, RSMo, states:
    The provisions of this section shall not prohibit any political subdivision from:
    (1) Enforcing any code or law contained in this section;
    (2) Implementing an electrical code based upon the National Electrical Code;
    (3) Issuing an electrical contractor license or communication contractor license valid for that political subdivision;
    (4) Requiring a business license to perform electrical contracting work;
    (5) Issuing electrical contracting permits;
    (6) Enforcing codes of the political subdivision;
    (7) Inspecting the work of a statewide license holder; and
    (8) Licensing electricians provided that such licenses are based upon professional experience and passage of a nationally accredited Electrical Assessment Examination that is administered on a routine and accessible schedule.

  6. What happens if we do not accept a statewide license in lieu of our local license?

    Answer: Your city or county may lose its sales tax money. Failure to recognize a license may result in the Director of The Department of Revenue withholding any moneys from a noncompliant political subdivision from local sales tax until there is compliance. Section 324.925.2. RSMo.

  7. What can we do if we have a bad contractor?

    Answer: You can suspend that contractor's work in your political subdivision for up to thirty days and file a complaint with the Division to investigate and pursue action against the licensee. Be watching this site for further information on filing that complaint. Section 324.940.3, RSMo.

  8. Who can we contact if we have more questions?

    Answer: Check our website at https://pr.mo.gov/electricalcontractors.asp or contact us by email at OSEC@pr.mo.gov or by phone at 573-522-3280.