In response to many questions, the Missouri State Committee of Dietitians is providing the following information to ensure that Missouri dietitians are incompliance with the statute and rules. If you have any questions about the requirements for licensure, please contact the Board office via email ( or by phone at (573) 522-3438.

Unless an individual falls into one of the exceptions to licensure contained in section 324.206, RSMo, you must hold a license from the Committee in order to practice as a dietitian. This includes all new graduates. Violation of any provision of the statute or rule can be grounds for discipline.

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The State Committee of Dietitians has received numerous inquiries about the scope of practice of Dietitians. For quick reference, we have listed the relevant statutes in the following link;

Dietitian practice Act

SB 843 Fee Waiver Statement:

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HB 1769 (Filing of False Documents) Statement:

HB 1769, passed by the legislature, signed by the Governor and effective August 28, 2018, creates section 570.095, RSMo, the criminal offense of Filing of False Documents. Section 570.095.1(1), RSMo, identifies 15 categories of records for which someone could be charged with Filing of False Documents. Please review the bill language in the event you file such documents as part of your licensed occupation.