Meeting Information

Section 337.535.5 RSMo, of the licensure law addresses meetings of the committee, "The committee shall hold an annual meeting at which it shall elect from its membership a chairperson and secretary. The committee may hold such additional meetings as may be required in the performance of its duties."

The committee convenes via conference call and face-to-face with conference calls scheduled approximately every four to six weeks. To obtain information concerning upcoming meetings and conference calls, please contact the committee office by email at view the meeting schedule below or email

Submitting an Application & Documentation

For the application to register supervision and provisional licensure, 20 CSR 2095-2.020 (2) (C) of the licensure rules states, "The completed application for supervision or change of supervision including all supporting material required by the committee shall be received at least thirty (30) days before the meeting of the committee. Applications received less than thirty (30) days before the next regularly scheduled committee meeting may be reviewed at the committee's discretion."

For the application for licensure as a professional counselor, 20 CSR 2095-2.020 (11) (A) of the licensure rules states, "A counselor-in-training or provisional licensed professional counselors may submit an application for licensure up to thirty (30) days in advance of completing the required hours and months of supervision. Applications received more than sixty (60) days in advance of completion of the required hours and months of supervision shall be rejected by the committee as untimely."

  • Approximately ninety (90) minutes for a conference call is allocated, as member schedules allow.
  • The committee does not wish to delay the review of application documents. However, because the number of items that have been submitted to the committee for review exceeds the amount of time allotted for a conference call, the committee must establish a deadline for application materials to be considered and limit the number of agenda items on a conference call. This number will vary slightly based upon the complexity of documents to be reviewed.
  • The committee will review registration of supervision, application for licensure, clarification of committee decisions, and requests for reconsideration. All materials are scheduled on a "first come first served" basis based upon receipt date AND when all required documentation is complete.
  • When possible and as authorized by the applicant, results of a committee review are sent via email.
  • Results of a committee review cannot be provided over the telephone due to confidentiality of the information.
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