About the Board

The Committee for Professional Counselors was established by the General Assembly in 1986 and began licensing professional counselors in 1987. The six-member committee is appointed by the Governor, confirmed by the Senate and comprised of five practitioners and one public member. While working with the Division of Professional Registration on budget and legislative matters, the committee is responsible for reviewing the educational qualifications and supervised counseling experience of applicants and investigating complaints relating to the counseling profession. The committee provides information and outreach programs to counselor education programs and professional associations to keep students and practitioners apprised of changes in the law or regulations as well as solicit input regarding committee procedures.

Committee Members

Dr. Cynthia Baker, Committee Chairperson, (Ozark)
Dr. Mark Comensky, Chairperson Credentials Subcommittee, (Nevada)
Dr. Laura Rauscher, Secretary ,(Foristell)
Linda Hermann Wimpfheimer, (St. Louis)

Member - Vacancy
Public Member - Vacancy

NOTE: Board members continue to serve after term expires until reappointed or replaced.