The following fees are established by the State Board of Cosmetology
(A) Operator Reciprocity Fee$ 50.00
(B) Duplicate License Fee$ 10.00
(C) Operator Renewal Fee$ 50.00
(D) Late Fee$ 30.00
(E) Instructor License/Renewal Fee$ 30.00
(F) Instructor Reciprocity Fee$ 38.00
(G) Operator Reinstatement Fee$ 80.00
(H) Student/Instructor Trainee Enrollment Fee$ 25.00
(I) Apprentice Enrollment Fee$ 25.00
(J) Apprentice Supervisor Application Fee$ 75.00
(K) Certification/Affidavit of Licensure, Training Hours, Examination Scores$ 10.00
(L) School License/Renewal Fee$ 500.00
(M) Salon License/Renewal Fee (up to and including three (3) operators)$ 100.00
(N) Additional Operator Fee$ 10.00
(O) Delinquent Fee (Opening a shop without Registering before opening)$ 100.00
(P) Photocopies/Printouts Fee (initial page/copy)$ 2.00
(Q) Photocopies/Printouts Fee (per page/copy after that)$ .50
(R) Document Search Fee (per hour)$ 20.00
(S) Handling Fee (Any uncollectible check or other uncollectible financial instrument) $ 25.00
(T) *Esthetician Application Fee$ 30.00
Until July 1, 1999, any person previously licensed in Missouri as a class A cosmetologist (CA - Cosmetology All, or CH - Cosmetology/Hairdresser) pursuant to Chapter 329, RSMo, may be licensed as an esthetician without examination if such person applies to the state board of cosmetology and pays a $30 fee. After July 1, 1999, any licensed cosmetologist shall be required to complete the required training of seven hundred and fifty hours and pass the required examination as provided in section 329.040, RSMo, and as set forth in 4 CSR 90-2.010 section (2) and (5).